R0178-8 „Day Dawn” Errata

::R0178 : page 8::


On page 55, seventh line from bottom, should read: "A person must be begotten," &c.

On page 235, third line from bottom, should read: "It is raised in incorruption."

On page 330, fourth line from top, read 1874 instead of 1844.

If each one having a book will mark these changes in his book, it may help whoever reads it. We discover quite a number of typographical errors, and words misspelled, which we trust the reader to correct. The three mentioned above are perhaps the most important mistakes; the second and third very important.

J. H. P.

[Any of our readers who have not yet read this valuable book should do so at once. It will renew your strength.–ED.]

— January, 1881 —

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