R0217-8 Excuse Brief Letters

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The editor feels that he owes himself an apology. His time is very much occupied. The Watch Tower, the tracts, the Sunday and Wednesday meetings besides other necessary business occupy his time fully and the mail correspondence is necessarily much neglected.

I receive and read with interest your many kind letters, but I cannot answer them all, much as I should like to: sometimes they go entirely unanswered and sometimes very briefly.

I do not make these remarks to hinder your writing, but to excuse and explain what otherwise might seem like negligence or indifference. I am ever glad to hear from you–to know of your welfare and your trials and to learn your questionings–I can read ten letters, while I would be answering one–therefore write on, but accept the articles of the WATCH TOWER as special answers to your letters.


— April, 1881 —

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