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Palmyra, Ills., Feb. 13, 1884.

MR. C. T. RUSSELL—Dear Brother: The papers and pamphlets received all right; to say we thank you for your kindness in ministering to our necessities but feebly expresses our feelings, we know your reward is sure, but it is not now. We are free, pray that we may have strength to walk according to our light. Our appetites increase with the use of the strong meat we receive and we feel deeply the responsibility of walking according to his will.

May you have all knowledge and boldness to do His will.

Your sister in the Lord, __________.


Howell, Mich., Feb. 13, 1884.

BRO. RUSSELL—Dear Friend: There is a great inquiry after „Food” and I have loaned and given away all I have and hope they are doing good. We find considerable opposition to some of the interpretations given to the Bible texts, but we find as a rule, that consecrated Christians, who are „hungering and thirsting” after righteousness, hail it as a blessing, and grow in the light that it gives.

Can you send us more copies?

Your Bro. in Christ, __________.

[We send some sample papers for new readers and only two of „Food;” we are sparing them for those whose interest is awakened by the tract papers. „Food” and „Tabernacle” are not so plentiful as they used to be, hence our carefulness, but the papers sent are even better adapted to new readers. The Lord give you grace and wisdom to preach the glad tidings both by the papers and your words and by your lives the living epistles known and read soonest by your friends and neighbors.—EDITOR.]


New Hampton, N.Y.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I received the papers and pamphlets in due time and in good condition, but did not write until I should know something of the results of my labors for the Master.

In spite of the opposition I have encountered, I am happy to state that my labors have not been in vain. Occasionally I have been encouraged by meeting a hungry soul, one willing and even anxious to partake of the bread of life.

As to the „Tabernacle,” it gives me great pleasure to state that God in his mercy has allowed me the privilege of accepting, understanding and fully enjoying its teachings. Studying the Word in connection with this pamphlet surpasses any pleasure I have yet known. Every part of the Word becomes pregnant with new significance. No human policy mars its splendor, but it becomes as a mirror, in which God

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and his attributes are distinctly discerned by the „eye of faith.” While, under this new influence, the sinner is startled into the consciousness that God is a pitying friend.

Surely the luminary of truth is at last shedding its rays on the sleeping masses of mankind. But how shall men be enabled to comprehend it? And how, except by divine interpretation, can the scales of prejudice be taken from their eyes, in order that the pure light of the gospel may shine in?

Truly it is an important time. The wonders of God’s word are being revealed. The prophecies that have held the world in awe for centuries, are at last being fulfilled; but, alas! how few realize that it is the „fulness of time.” Let us continue to proclaim the „glad tidings of great joy … unto all people, and trust the results with the common Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours sincerely, __________.


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Hillsboro, Oregon.

MRS. C. T. RUSSELL—Dear Sister: I have some precious names to place before you, to whom please send samples of the TOWER. Yes, I think truly God sent me here to break the chains of poor captives. About two weeks ago I heard of a lady in this place who was a great Bible student. I called, found a plain, quiet, middle-aged woman in the midst of her family. In the corner of the chief room was a stand with a large Bible and some histories, showing me instantly that mind and heart were at work. I cautiously introduced the burden, I should say joy, of my life—the better way—and found she was of the Christadelphian flock. I did not in any way condemn them, but after gaining her heart by my appreciation of her student life in the midst of cares I took up her Bible, well marked in the direction of a night of eternal darkness from a material standpoint, and I quickly found some dawning light and sunshine. I brought smiles to her face, and tears, not of sorrow, but of joy, to her eyes—Oh how gladly she drank in the goodness of God. Love is so much better a master than fear.

Since then she comes to see me, and we feast from the deep unfailing fountain in the great storehouse. I have loaned and given away most of my WATCH TOWERS. This lady wants to study these things now, and she is a rapid student for she is so earnest. She wishes now to go to her brethren, some fifty miles away, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for her—God willing I will go with her. In my weakness my Master will show his power.

Yesterday a farmer brought us some produce and took dinner with us. I found him quite scholarly, but without faith in the God of resurrection. Nature is his book. I improved the time in showing the goodness of the God whom we love and serve. He was surprised that I did not get angry or defend popular theology, and said he had not read the Bible for twenty years. I know he must be earnestly seeking truth, but how far he goes away from it. When he got his team ready, he came in and asked me if I could go out to his place and stay a few days and teach them in our way. He said he would bring his wife and the hack and take my boy Robbie and I out if my husband could not leave. Oh how earnestly I pray that my words may be blessed. Oh, to bring joy and gladness into the regions of darkness.

It seemed almost like inviting persecution to introduce the subject of Restitution in the „Disciple” prayer-meeting. I earnestly prayed that if I was to speak there the Lord would open a door for me. Elder__________led, and read Matt. 11:20-30, and spoke somewhat on the subject referred to. Then he very nobly and earnestly invited all present to present their views. I waited until almost all present had done so. Nearly all reflected what the leader had said. Dare I let this rare opportunity go? I did not, and God gave me strength and clearness of expression.

I find Jonah’s prototype in preachers of to-day. How offended they get to think God is going to be so good to the great mass of mankind. The East wind is blowing. Thank God it comes from sun-rising and not sunset, and all shades (gourds) will wither and blow away, even though the sun beat on the intellect of these college owls who blink in the sunshine.

I gave a copy of Z.W.T. to a missionary of Alaska and will get the address of some men in Portland, whose homes are in Abbysinia, Greece and Sandwich Islands.

Dear lovely Texas (my former home) I pray the truth will find a voice there. I will write to a friend in Brownwood—She is an Episcopalean but not satisfied. Who knoweth if she be come into the kingdom for such a time as this. She is good, strong, and true with a joyful spirit but painful body. I am lovingly your sister in Christ.



— February, 1884 —