R1538-174 Encouraging Words From Faithful Workers

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I want to thank you for the opening article, „From Glory to Glory,” in March 1st TOWER. I cannot see in myself such advancement in Christ-likeness as it seems there ought to be in one to whom he has entrusted a knowledge of the truth. I have, perhaps, thought too much of that knowledge, and been too satisfied with the wish to give it to others, and not had care enough in regard to gaining a personal likeness to Christ. But, God helping me, I will more earnestly strive in that direction. Pray for me, dear brother and sister, that I may more than ever fully submit myself to the moulding of God, and that „mallet and chisel and polishing sand” may be used upon me until every particle of the deformity of self has disappeared, and the image of our glorious King is perfectly reflected. Oh! nothing can be too much to suffer if that may be accomplished in me.

I remain, your sister, desiring and striving to overcome and to be „like Him,”



DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—I enclose clippings from the Times that I think will interest you. If the Times is right, in stating that so large an additional number of Jews is to be driven out of Russia, it looks as if they would be compelled to go to Palestine in large numbers, as no other country will want to receive them while the cholera is threatening.

I was much pleased with the last TOWER’S article on the twelve apostles.

Yours, J. C. BELL, JR.


DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I pen you these lines in grateful remembrance that I was brought out into the light of God’s Word, as it continues to shine unto the perfect day. I have given much time to the investigation of the DAWNS, comparing them with the Bible, and I find a beautiful harmony, leading me to consecrate all my ransomed powers to his blessed will. I have been running for the prize for a number of years, feeling my way as the Lord gave me light. I have been giving truth to the hungry ones with whom I have associated, but had to stay out of the church to which I once belonged. In all sects I met the same opposition, and finally saw clearly that I must come out of all organized bodies. I find one here and one there that welcomes the truth, and have had to go through trials and to suffer the loss of my friends; but I am praising the Lord. Jesus was never more precious than now; and I rejoice to be able, through God’s blessing, to send you my subscription for the TOWER for ’93. Hope to do more as the Lord prospers me.

Your brother in Christian love and fellowship, S. A. STAPLES.



As you are interested to know how each one of the harvesters is using the sickle placed in his hand, I will report. I took orders for 90 volumes of DAWN in M__________, a village of about six hundred inhabitants.

I have taken orders in this village for 80 volumes; and expect to canvass another village this week, and to deliver in both places next week. On account of nervous and other troubles, I am obliged to go slowly; and as I have been finding some „ripe wheat,” who earnestly request me to converse with them, I occasionally embrace the opportunity to rest.

Oh, how thankful I am that I did finally decide to enter the colporteur work; for I now feel that I cannot afford to give it up. As I told some interested ones to-day, if I were offered work that would pay three times as well, in dollars and cents, I would not be content to drop the Lord’s work.

Pray for me, that I may be able to overcome every obstacle and, if need be, to bear up patiently under affliction; that I, with you and all the Lord’s dear ones, may stand the sifting; and, having done all, to stand.

Your brother in the Lord,




I have so enjoyed the good things in the last April number of TOWER, also the first number of this month, that I must write.

„The Calling of the Twelve Apostles, their Office and Authority,” have always been to me of more than ordinary importance. It is a subject I love to study, and you have presented it just as I have wished for it many time. I never had a desire to know just how the Savior broiled the fish upon the coals, or how much bread he had, or how long it took to eat that divinely prepared

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meal; but I have always wished to know, as nearly as possible, the work he gave the apostles to do, and how they did it.

May „Daniel’s God” reveal to you both things yet to come, and cause you to be abundant reapers in the „harvest time.”

Your sister in Christ,



DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I enclose the name of one new subscriber to TOWER. I am now selling about 25 DAWNS daily.

In haste and love, J. B. ADAMSON.


DEAR BRETHREN:—Please find enclosed a money order for three dollars to cover the accompanying order.

The DAWNS, TOWERS and TRACTS came duly to hand. Yesterday I feasted on the good tidings contained in the TOWER—on the letters from Brothers and Sisters scattered abroad, and especially on the articles „Have not I Chosen You Twelve” and „The Oneness of the Divine Family.” How beautiful, simple and touching is the pure gospel—the gospel of love. The prayer of my heart is, „May we all with open face, beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, be changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the spirit of the Lord.” Yours in Him, W. C. BROWN.


DEAR FRIENDS:—Although we are having rainy weather, the Lord is enabling me to take some orders for DAWN.

Yesterday, at a small village near by, I sold twelve sets and four single volumes, in paper covers, and to-day I found two that want the cloth sets.

I hesitated long, before starting into the work, because I had no confidence in myself; but now I am glad to realize that the Lord is using me; and it affords me inexpressible fulness of joy to be accounted worthy of his service as well as of all the precious promises of the high calling. Oh! that I might overcome! I can, and I will—”through favor of our God.”

In our dear Redeemer,



DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I write to say that, through sickness and other causes, I have not been able for a long time to send any „Good Hopes” to the office; but I hope very soon to be able to contribute a mite for the spread of God’s blessed truths.

The first number of this month’s TOWER came to me on Thursday evening; and if ever a thirsty pilgrim through the desert was refreshed with pure spring water, so was I comforted and refreshed with its strengthening truths on the subject of inspiration. It came to me just at the right time, making my heart glad, and my spirit rejoice, and my lips praise him who gave himself a ransom for all.

The God of our fathers bless you and your dear companion, and all those associated with you in your work of faith and labor of love, with all them that love his appearing and kingdom, is my daily prayer.

Pray for me. HAYDEN SAMSON.


MY DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—It is with profound gratitude that I thus address you the joyful intelligence that I have withdrawn from the nominal church, and am now free. I praise the Lord for insight into his glorious plan of the ages, and I shall, by his grace, go on to be one of the overcoming class, which will be qualified to be partakers of the divine nature and made joint-heirs with our dear Lord and Savior.

I would like you to send me some tracts, for, since my withdrawal, three sermons have been preached on the second coming of Christ; and the people seem to be stirred up by them, and also by my statement that Christ has made his second advent and they must not expect to see him with their natural eyes.

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Remember your far-away brother at the throne of grace. M. STRICKLER.

[We rejoice with you in present freedom. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

Have sent some tracts; but next time please suggest how many you think you can use judiciously. We do not wish to send too few—nor yet to waste the tracts by sending too many.

While the knowledge of our Lord’s presence is very precious to „them that believe,” it is rather „strong meat” for „babes in Christ.” Let me suggest that to whatever extent we may have opportunities for speaking his truth, in our Master’s name, we will do well to remember his words—”Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” „Milk is for babes,” says the apostle; therefore give to such the sincere milk of the word, that they may grow thereby.” (1 Pet. 2:2.) Begin with „a ransom for ALL;” proceed gradually „to be testified in due time;”

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then show the blessed object of Christ’s second coming and Kingdom; next the manner; and, finally, to the few who have interestedly and intelligently followed you thus far, point out the fact of the Lord’s presence, as foretold by the prophets, and as confirmed by the wonderful events of „the harvest” and „the day of the Lord,” now in progress. The Lord bless and use you in his service!—EDITOR.]


BRO. RUSSELL:—I wish to thank you, as the means in God’s hands, for delivering me out of long ignorance and bondage. If it will not tire you, I would like to give you a little of my experience.

In the first place, Food for Thinking Christians [now out of print] came into my hands, in answer to prayer for light. Then you sent me the TOWER, which I accepted as food for the hungry. I saw some light at that time, but it was all so new; and, though I came out of the Presbyterian church and was immersed, I soon succumbed to the opposition of my friends. They called me a fool, and said that if I did not let religion alone I would soon be in the insane asylum. I replied that true religion never made people crazy, though the lack of it often did. However, my health was poor, and I became tired of so much opposition. I stopped talking and thinking about the truth, and discontinued the TOWER. I thought that in this way I would have peace; but I was not happy. When I went to church, I was not satisfied; for there I received nothing to feed a hungry soul. Often something would say to me, ‚Take the TOWER again;’ but I would silence it by saying, ‚I do not want to renew opposition.’

I wonder now that the Lord did not let me go; but he did not; for, though I was drifting, not rowing as I ought, my faith stood fast. At last I awoke to a sense of my condition; but Satan stepped in, and suggested that I join the Baptist church, as that was nearly right, and that, if I went regularly to its meetings, I would be kept from again going to sleep. But I soon saw my mistake, renewed my subscription to the TOWER, and purchased the DAWNS. I felt uneasy and guilty, remaining in the church; could compare myself only to the children of Israel, when they said, „Give us the flesh pots of Egypt again;” but, thank God, I withdrew from it some time since, and am now free. I am free with the liberty wherewith Christ has made me free, and with his help, I will never again be entangled with the yoke of bondage. I can truly say that the Lord is long suffering and kind: I know he did not entirely cast me off; for, had he done so, I would not now be progressing in the Light.

Brother Russell, I have obeyed the command in 1 John 4:1, and I find that you do teach the truth. It is plain and gloriously grand. It makes God a God with a purpose, not a haphazard being, outwitted by Satan.

I have placed DAWN in the hands of quite a number; and I will copy a portion of a letter written to a friend by a young man who has read it.

„Dear Brother:—I guess you think I have taken your book and appropriated it to myself. I have been reading it, and thanking God that you brought it to my notice. It is indeed a revelation, and has sent a glow of more intelligent faith into my life. I have purchased one, and so return yours with many thanks for your kindness. I shall read the book again and study it carefully; for I am convinced that it contains germs of truth which are almost unknown to the larger part of the world. It has wonderfully deepened my knowledge of God’s great plan toward men.”

Now I wish to send him the TOWER for one year. I feel I must be like Andrew: I do not amount to much, still I may be the means, in God’s hands, of calling a Peter to the Lord’s work; so I will still try to scatter the truth, hoping to bring some to the light. I also enclose $5.00 to use as you see fit, knowing that you will use it to the best purpose for the Lord.

With kind greetings to Sister Russell, and asking an interest in your prayers, I remain, Yours in the faith,



DEAR BRETHREN:—I send greeting to you all, and ask you to remember us, here, who are trying to proclaim the truth. We are persecuted on every hand, though I think we are gaining some ground. I am very thankful that my eyes have been opened to the light. The article, „The Twelve Chosen Apostles,” in the last issue of TOWER gave me great comfort. I am glad to understand that they were set apart for a special purpose and that we may have full confidence in their writings. May the Lord bless you all.



— June 1, 1893 —