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Songs of the Bride,

Is the title of a Hymn Book which we have just published from this office. It contains one hundred and forty-four hymns, carefully selected and revised. Our design has been to present to THE BODY of Christ, “The Chaste Virgin” Church, which expects soon to go in to the marriage and become Christ’s Bride, a selection of Sacred Songs especially adapted to her condition and expressive of her desires and hopes. It is well printed on good paper and bound in flexible cloth.

The Price is FIFTEEN CENTS, postage paid.


Our Lord’s Return

This Pamphlet of sixty-four pages is calculated to interest those who have given little thought to the subject. It presents some suggestions relative to the future of the heathen; the doctrines of election and free grace, etc., calculated to awaken the interest of intelligent, thinking people. It is in convenient form to lend to friends and neighbors.

Price, TEN CENTS, or ONE DOLLAR PER DOZEN, by mail, postage paid by us.

All Orders should be addressed to

Zion’s Watch Tower,


N.B.—To those who would like to have, but are too poor to pay for them, either “THE SONGS OF THE BRIDE,” “THE OBJECT AND MANNER, etc.” OR, “ZION’S WATCH TOWER,” Will be sent FREE. But like all of God’s gifts, you must “ask that ye may receive.”


— July, 1879 —