R0078-7 Straight Paths

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Make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way: but let it rather be healed.”— Heb. 12:13.

Such is the command of the apostle; but there is evidently a careless disregard of it among many of the professed Christians of to-day, as is shown by their lives and testimony. When we see those who profess to be followers of Jesus joining in the world’s pleasures, and clad in the world’s garments, we are led to believe that they have little care as to the paths they are making, and whether younger Christians coming after them will be turned out of the way, or established in the way, by their example. ‘Tis true they are often heard to confess their sinfulness—their wanderings and short-comings; but seldom are they heard to warn others of the dangers that lurk by the way. They are never heard to tell the new-born soul to beware; that they should not love the world, but should come out, and be forever separate from it—from its sinful fashions and pleasures. No, we do not hear this; but we do hear these worldly-conformed professors ridiculing the very idea of plain dress for Christians; and with all their might do they uphold church fairs, festivals, parties, etc., laughing to scorn any who desire to lift their voices against them. Thus the crooked paths are being made, and scores of precious souls are being turned out of the way by those who should be “lights in the world.”

Take the evil of fashionable dress—that great and deadly evil, which is so fatal to spiritual life, and which is a ruling passion, and especially the besetting sin of the female heart. Oh, for a voice like a trumpet, to sound forth words of warning to my sisters in the churches. Are we adorned with the “modest apparel which becometh women professing godliness?” Let us look well to the paths we are making in this matter. It is so easy for some new-born soul to be turned out of the way by our examples. Some weak one who has just begun to look to us to see what we do, and how we dress.—Banner of Holiness.


— February, 1880 —