R0313-3 Poem: Perilous Times

::R0313 : page 3::


Perilous times in the world are at hand—
Perils by water and perils by land;
Perils in churches and perils in state,
Perils attending the good and the great.

Watchman, how readest thou touching this hour?
Fearful corruption in places of power;
Presidents, princes and kings in dismay—
Tragic unfoldings the news of the day.

Scriptures prophetic discoursing on time,
Teach us the doctrine of increase of crime;
“Evil seducers shall wax worse and worse,”
Ere the Jehovah shall “smite with a curse.”

Is the church powerless to draw from the skies
Help when Goliath their army defies?
Is there no king in the camp of “to-day”?
Is the true Israel “fallen away”?

Is it the sign of the presence of Christ,
Of the Messiah in person to reign?
Has sin attained to its manhood of power?
Is this its zenith? Is morning the hour?

The son of perdition, the god of this world,
Down from his kingdom of sin must be hurled;
Tares must be gathered and burned in the fire—
Type of all christians in name—not in power.

Jesus is come! O let it be known,
Jehovah’s anointed, now takes the throne;
He takes the helm and the power to command,
He’ll guide affairs on the sea and the land.

Jesus is come! let all the world hear,
“Who’s on the Lord’s side” let him draw near.
“Come with your armor, your loins girt about”;
Come with your trumpets, and join in the shout.

Jerichoes tremble and Sodoms consume,
Kingdoms are tottering before the “Commune”;
Davids, go forth with your sling-stones of faith,
Take ye the heads of “the giants of Gath.”


— January And February, 1882 —