R0328-4 A Word From Bro. J.B. Adamson

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BELOVED IN CHRIST:—After several months engaged in distributing and preaching the Gospel, you will doubtless be glad to hear from me again. I have had good opportunities for observing how this Gospel of the grace of God is received by the different classes in and out of the nominal churches. Only those who go forth into the world, with the real Gospel of gladness, can have a full idea of the joy and rejoicing of God’s true people, when presented with these truths. And only such can realize how bitter is the opposition of many of the clergy (Scribes) and false religionists (Pharisees) who abound in the churches now, as they did in the Jewish.

I worked in nearly all the large towns of twenty states, being present also at nearly all the leading Camp Meetings, Conferences, and Assemblies of the year: distributing thousands of books, and addressing many people. At Camp Meetings it was impossible to give away books with much discrimination, but after the season for such gatherings ended, I found time and place for seasonable words about our hope, joy, heirship, and the restitution of the world at “the manifestation of the sons of God.” I soon began to realize what a blessed work I was engaged in, and the glorious privilege of being a mouthpiece for the Lord.

The true people of God who are really making good their promises of entire consecration of all to the Lord, received me with every sign of gratitude and love, and praise to God for this message of grace and love, expressing surprise that the “Food” had reached them, and gratitude to God for “meat in due season.” Limited in time, I devoted it principally to those who seemed to “have an ear to hear”—the truth hungry, passing by those who seemed to think themselves rich and increased in goods and needing nothing; thus following the example of our Forerunner—convinced that now, as then, no man can come into the light except the Father draw him by his Word and Spirit of truth. There is no inducement of a worldly character to lead one of the world-conforming, Babylon people into the narrow way and race for glory. On the contrary, this teaching is most repulsive to the larger portion of the nominal church, and those who deliver them are continually subject to contempt, reproach, and dishonor. Those who for years have been carrying the honors of the world with the name of Christ in self-indulgence, feel outraged by the teaching that glory, honor, and immortality will only be given to those who take up their cross, deny self, and follow their Leader in a life separate from the world.

Most bitter in their opposition are the clergy who doubtless feel their craft endangered—some of whom obtained the books from their people when I was gone and burned them. This was especially true among the sect calling themselves “Second Adventists,” strange as it may seem. They greatly fear, that which they cannot gainsay.

I now gladly recur to the effect of the truths we hold, upon the dear sainted people of God who only are the church—yet for the present much mixed up in Babylon except to God’s clear vision. These were glad to get out of her, and hailed the message and the result, as a deliverance from sin. Many infidels and worldly people got to hear the message also, and often spoke of God’s plan in the ages, as something reasonable, and as demonstrating his Wisdom, Justice, and Love.

Being a willing instrument in God’s hand, subject to any use I can be fitted to, I now try a preaching tour, and expect to meet many of the brethren and labor together with them. Again desiring your prayers, I remain your brother and fellow worker in Christ Jesus.



— March, 1882 —