R0347-2 Outlines Of Sermons

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We have frequent calls for outlines of sermons on these glad tidings, by those in various places who desire to publicly make known the glories of our Father’s plan.

To such we would say, we have now prepared suggestive outline notes for six sermons, explanatory of the “Chart of the ages.” (This chart most of our readers have received as a supplement to July, ’81 issue.) A copy of these notes will be mailed free, to those who are anxious to use them. You may order at once.

When you receive them, commence with the first, and with your chart placed in good position, thoroughly acquaint yourself with the first, and so with each of the succeeding ones in order, study much and thoroughly.

Then, when thoroughly conversant with them, lay aside your notes and give the discourses in your own language. Patient perseverance will enable you to place the plan before your hearers in a strong and convincing manner. Always bear in mind in study and presentation that “Order is heaven’s first law.”

The small charts (33 inches wide) will answer to begin with, and are well adapted to an audience of about a dozen. We will have larger charts for any who prove themselves capable of using them to advantage.


— May, 1882 —