R0427-2 “Compound Oxygen”

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In reply to the question, Whose preparation of “Compound Oxygen” did Bro. Sunderlin use? we answer, it was that of Messrs. Starkey & Palen, No. 1117 Girard St., Philadelphia, Pa.

On learning of the benefit derived from its use by Bro. S., we at once sought reduced prices with a view to introducing it to your attention cheaper than the regular rate. The above firm would make no concession (their price being $15), while with Messrs. Feltwell & Co. we were able to make arrangements so as to offer it to you at one-half the above price ($7.50).

There is an immense profit in it, and if we had time, we believe we could have it prepared so as to furnish it to you for $3. It is not patented.


— January, 1883 —