R0427-2 “Young’s Bible Concordance”

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To the Bible student, we can scarcely speak too highly of this work. It certainly ranks next to the Diaglott as a help to Bible study. In fact the help which these two works afford to persons possessing an ordinary knowledge of the English language is more valuable than two years spent in the study of Greek and Hebrew.

This Concordance gives every English word in our Bible under its proper Greek or Hebrew heading, together with its literal meaning. Mr. Young, the author, is acknowledged to be one of the ripest Greek and Hebrew scholars living.

We wish that all Bible students who read the TOWER might have this work, and thus be able to convince themselves of the significance of Bible terms in the original. To this end we have for some time been endeavoring to procure for you this work at a low price. Within the past week we have succeeded far beyond our expectation, and are glad to state that we can now furnish you “The Students’ Edition”—the latest revised and most complete edition of this work published—(white paper, cloth bound, regular price $3.50) at half price, viz., $1.75, by express. If sent by mail, 51 cents extra, for postage. Those living at greater distance than 800 miles from Pittsburgh, or in places not very accessible for express, would probably find the mail the cheapest method.

We still have some copies of the “Em. Diaglott” at $1.50, postage paid by us.


— January, 1883 —