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For a time we were unable to fill orders for the EMPHATIC DIAGLOTT at the reduced rate, but we can now do so. Remember—but slightly damaged on inside of cover—$1.50.

YOUNG’S CONCORDANCE: We wish that all our readers had this very valuable work while we can furnish them at the reduced rate, (i.e., half the usual price; $1.75 by express, or 51c extra for postage, if sent by mail—the latter is cheapest for those at a distance from Pittsburgh). The price at which we furnish them is less than wholesale price. This is the latest revised and most complete edition published—the “Students’ Edition.” This work is at once a Greek and Hebrew Lexicon, giving the meaning of the original terms in English, and also a Concordance giving each word of Scripture and the words which they translate. The value of such a work is becoming more apparent daily, as theorisers attempt to palm off a private interpretation under guise of “a better definition of the original.”

In this superb volume every word is arranged under its own Hebrew and Greek original, exhibiting 311,000 references and 30,000 various readings. Its size is large quarto, 1094 pages.

A similar work, “Englishman’s Greek and Hebrew Concordance,” (3 vols.) sold at $22, in cloth binding, only seven years ago, and usually reached only the hands of scholars; but the present work, by one of the ripest scholars of the age, (Prof. Young, of Edinburgh, Scotland) has been printed in immense quantities, and at a price bringing it within the reach of all students. Indeed, it seems providential that it should be provided so cheaply at a time when it can be of so great service to truth seekers. At the price at which we furnish it, even our English and Scotch readers can save considerable by ordering them at this office. No Bible student can afford to be without a copy. It is of more value than two years’ study of the Greek and Hebrew languages.


— March, 1883 —