R0477-2 The Variorum Testament

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As already announced, we made considerable effort and inquiry to procure for our readers the readings of the Sinaitic MS. of the New Testament as a basis of knowledge of what was originally the accepted Scriptures, and showing the few errors and interpolations which crept into the volume during Papal dominion. Its readings are most valuable because, 1st, it is complete, without a missing page; 2nd, because it is the very oldest MS., written about 325 A.D., before Papacy or any other sect had reached dominant influence, which would enable them to tamper with or alter the text. Thus its superior value is apparent.

We procured and supplied some with an American edition, paper bound, but have at last found what we take pleasure in offering you—”THE VARIORUM TESTAMENT”—A New Testament with the ordinary “King James'” text, with marginal references, and containing as FOOT NOTES any variations in readings made by the five most authentic Manuscripts extant, chief among these being the Sinaitic.

The Testament is printed from the plates of the Variorum Bible, which retails at $9.00 in best binding. It is cloth bound, and retails for $1.25. Such a work is little appreciated except by careful and earnest Bible students, such as are many of our readers; hence the work has not met with ready sale, and the Importers closed out all they had of them to us at much less than cost. We bought them for your benefit, and can furnish them for 50 cts. each. (This pays for postage also.) They are now ready for mailing.


— May, 1883 —