R0487-8 The Moslem Uprising

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A telegram from London says: “The report of the capture of El Obeid excites uneasiness here. The fall of that post will probably be followed by an attack on Khartoum, and as the Egyptian government has neither money nor men for carrying hostilities on a large scale in the Soudan, it is feared that England may find herself drawn into an expedition to save Southern Egypt from being overrun.”

The Editor of the Boston Herald, in commenting upon the news, says: “There is good reason for apprehension. If El Obeid has really fallen, the false prophet is master of the province of Kordofan. Only a few days back the capture of Bara by his forces was reported. The surrender of Bara and El Obeid is a heavy blow to Egypt, for the garrisons of the two posts numbered 5,000 men. Nor is that the worst of the situation. There is another Egyptian force, some 4,000 strong, in Darfur, to the west of Kordofan and, as the victorious army of the false prophet commands the communications between Darfur and Khartoum, it appears probable that this body will also be compelled to surrender. In that event the Egyptians may count upon having to fight, not for the reconquest of Kordofan, but for the maintenance of the Soudan.”

Why does this news produce a sensation in London? Because the English government has undertaken to support the feeble and bankrupt government of Egypt; and if the Egyptian forces in Upper Egypt are not able to stop the onward march of the false prophet in Soudan, it is perfectly evident that he intends to march his army into Lower Egypt, where it is known that a large majority of the people are Moslems and would be ready under favorable circumstances to join the prophet’s forces and fight the English as infidel invaders of their country. But this is not the most alarming feature of the subject to England. She understands that, if her army is brought into collision with the army of the false prophet, all the Moslem world will be excited to mortal revenge; for it would be considered a direct war between the Mohammedans and Christians.

Such a conflict coming at this particular time, when all the Moslem nations, according to their accredited prophecy, are looking for just such a war, could not, we think, fail to produce more religious antagonism than any which has been experienced for a thousand years. It would doubtless produce a formidable uprising in India, and would so involve Turkey as to cause the Christian nations of Europe to strike for a partition and final settlement of the “sick man’s” estates.

The present position of all the Great Powers is certainly very ominous, and indicative of a rapid progress towards a final collapse, when Christ will appear on the scene to grind into powder human kingdoms and establish his glorious eternal kingdom under the whole heaven. This is heart-cheering news to all the followers of the adorable Jesus. Our heart cries out Come, blessed Saviour! Come and stop this cruel strife! Come and gather thy lambs to thy bosom, and let thy Bride stand at thy side in thy heavenly palace!

The entire Roman Catholic world has been taught that the present period is the time especially designed by God for that Church to crush all obstacles to its triumph and full restitution of the Papal prerogatives. The Russian nation and entire Greek Church also have been in high expectation since the predictions of Peter the Great, that about the present time the Russian sword will drive the Grand Turk from St. Sophia, and give the Greek High Priest once more the opportunity to celebrate mass at the ancient Christian altar.

It is no secret that the Republicans of all nations believe that the present period is the fore-ordained time for monarchical governments to give place to universal republics. Communists declare that the set time has come for all governments, civil and religious, to fall before the imperious demands of Communism.

The Protestant pulpit and press publishes the tidings that the prophetic time has come for the evangelization of the nations and the commencement of a “golden age.” The Atheistical world adds its testimony to the universal proclamation that this is a specific transition period, during which the Bible and religion must cease to be, and the godship of nature and man must henceforth rule the universe.

Amidst these varied expectations of coming change the Hebrew proclaims the present time as the period for the appearing of his Messiah.

Among the loud voices of this jargon surpassing Babel, a shrill voice is heard from the Arabian deserts and African wilds, from the Turk’s dominions and the vast fields of India, sounding a fearfully prophetic note, commanding the millions of Islam to rally to the standard of their coming prophet, who, according to their faith, will appear at the head of a conquering army the present calendar year. This announcement is produced by an interpretation of a prediction of the Koran, and contains no divine authority, and is unimportant only as it is believed by a hundred and seventy-five millions of Mohammedans. This faith is certainly likely, and has already commenced to produce a formidable movement, which certainly is very threatening to the peace of the world.—Prophetic Times.

The latest news from Mehdi is that he has been defeated in battle and is a prisoner.


— May, 1883 —