R0488-2 Variorum Bibles

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We have obtained more of this special lot of Teacher’s Bibles; called Variorum, because in addition to the matter in other Bibles of the sort—concordance, maps, index, etc.—it has foot-notes giving the readings of the old MSS. where they differ from the ordinary text, also the opinions of various scholars, on the translation, where it differs from the usual rendering.

We can furnish these to our readers at about half the usual prices, viz., plain French Morocco, $3.25, and best Turkey Morocco—Divinity circuit, $5.50 (Retail rate, $9.00). These are published by Eyre & Spottiswoode, London. Postage 25 cents extra—registered 10 cents additional.

We still have the Variorum Testaments mentioned particularly in our last, cloth bound, 50 cents, post paid. Those who cannot afford the Bible, should avail themselves of the opportunity to get these Testaments at this price.


— June, 1883 —