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This is a trying period for those to whom the light comes. Satan seems to use every art to hinder a thorough investigation of the truth. Some he crowds with business. To some he opens up what would seem like good chances to success. Others he crowds with household duties and cares. He draws many into small reforms, and urges them to give more and more of their time and energies to the seemingly noble work. He fills up the spare time of others with social enjoyments or little recreations or relaxations. Anything and everything to keep us from giving ourselves wholly to the most important work that any have ever had the privilege of doing. To keep up with advancing light will require much study. We need to test every call upon our time by the questions, Will it be more to the glory of God that I do this than to study his Word? If it is necessary, How can I best hasten it so as to leave more time to devote to his work?

W. I. M.


— July, 1883 —