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Some one has said that the fruit of the Spirit is all in one word—”love.” It speaks in Galatians about love, the fruit of the Spirit being love, joy, peace, gentleness, long-suffering, meekness and temperance. The way this writer has put it—and I think it is very beautiful—is, that joy is love exultant, peace is love in repose, and long-suffering is love enduring. It is all love, you see, and gentleness is love in society, and goodness is love in action, and faith is love on the battle-field, and meekness is love at school, and temperance is love in training.—Moody.


In our last issue we stated that DAY DAWN [the work mentioned in “Food”] was out of print, since which we find that there are still some copies remaining. Though we advise waiting on “Millennial Day Dawn,” we would say that if you desire the former we can still supply a few copies. Price 50 cents.


— December, 1883 —