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When you can do no more, stand. “Having done all things, stand.” But beware how and where you stand. “Stand fast in the faith.” Stand on covenant ground. Stand with face to foe. Stand watching, waiting, victorious. “Stand still and see the salvation of God.” Stand not in your own caprice, or by human order. Even though Red Sea barriers lie across your way it may be the will of God that you go forward without a halt. It is easier to march than to stand. It is easier to rush forward to the charge than to stand still and receive the fiery assault. The good soldier must be ready for both. They serve well who march and fight for their king. But “they also serve who only stand and wait.” Patience and fortitude are precious in the sight of God, and “to obey is better than sacrifice.” Where patience can have her perfect work, whether in the stress and strain of conflict, or in the trial of waiting, there it is good to be.—Selected.


— January, 1884 —