R0707-1 Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society

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A charter of incorporation for Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society was granted December 13th, 1884. In accordance with the same, Certificates have just been sent to each contributor to the Fund, whose donations (all told) amounted to Ten Dollars or more. Each ten dollars representing one voting share.

The certificates are neatly printed and bear the Society’s seal upon the face. On the reverse side is a brief statement of the object and past efforts of the Society, the time and mode of electing its officers, etc. The Incorporators are the Directors, named below, from among whom the officers indicated have just been elected for the year 1885:

C. T. RUSSELL, Pres., W. I. MANN, Vice Pres., M. F. RUSSELL, Sec. and Treas., J. B. ADAMSON, W. C. McMILLAN, J. F. SMITH.


— January, 1885 —