R1036-7 The Meek Shall See Eye To Eye

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Beware of the spirit of pride which seeks to find some fault with everything presented, from the false idea that it is a mark of independence of thought and superiority of intellect. Such are always full of the thought that there must be something wrong and that it is their duty to find some fault with everything. Such always find something to object to, and would if they were in heaven. They are not of the sort spoken of by the Prophet, who shall “see eye to eye,” for they are determined not to do so. Let all saints avoid and root out of themselves such a disposition. It is not the spirit of Christ; not the spirit of the truth. It will hinder themselves and others. Let each seek to rid himself of all such pride, and on the contrary, let us cultivate the child like spirit of meekness.


— July, 1888 —