R1101-2 Excursion Rates To The Meeting

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The following Rail Roads offer us special rates, on the terms mentioned below:

New York Central R.R. and branches.

Baltimore and Ohio R.R. and branches.

Pennsylvania R.R. and branches.—In fact all rail-roads, members of “The Central Traffic Association,” and “The Trunk Line Association.” And these include most of the Rail Roads as far West as the Mississippi river.

The reduction allowed, is one-third off the price of the first-class limited fare.

To obtain this reduction, the following directions must be carefully followed, viz., Apply to the ticket agent of any of the roads named above (the one in your own town, or the nearest station to it on one of these roads). Ask him for a certificate with a first class limited ticket to Pittsburgh, Pa. (or better still to Allegheny, if their road enters Allegheny, which is just across the river from Pittsburgh). This certificate must not be dated earlier than April 11th, hence you must defer purchasing your ticket until ready to start for the meeting, though you had best inquire about price of ticket, route, certificate, etc., sooner.

You will be required to pay the full price for the limited ticket coming, but hold on to the certificate, and when properly signed by the clerk of our meeting here, you will be supplied a first class ticket back home, over the same route you came; at one third the usual first-class price,—good to reach home on, by or before April 21st. Follow these instructions carefully and you will have no difficulty whatever.

To all who write to us, as above suggested, saying they think of coming to the meeting, we will mail a sample of the sort of certificate they should expect to get (properly filled and signed) from their R.R. ticket agent.


— March, 1889 —