R1172-1 Old Theology Tracts, Etc.

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We have not the time to give you the particulars of this branch of the work, or of the Tract Fund work, as we should like to do at the beginning of the new year. We have no high-salaried officers whose sole work it is to keep accounts and make reports. We, on the contrary, are going ahead doing with our might (with the resources at our command) what our hands find to do, (and that is a large work, we assure you, and we cannot nearly do it all,) and we leave to the Lord the bookkeeping, accounting and full reporting. Our Accountant is an all-wise and infallible one. He sees and notes the efforts made by every one of you in his service—the service of the truth. By and by—it will not be very long—he shall render his account of our several stewardships, when he shall render to every man according as his work shall be; for every man’s works show his faith and his love, according to his ability. And where there is a will to serve the Lord, there is always some way of showing it.

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Briefly, we may say that while we have been somewhat disappointed that so many readers have failed to appreciate and use the Old Theology Quarterly as a method of service, yet a few others have more than made up for this, and have quite exceeded our hopes in their zeal and service—some subscribing for and using as many as three thousand copies of the tracts each quarter. A hasty examination shows that (stating it in the usual manner of stating tract circulation,) over five millions of pages of Old Theology Tracts went out of our office into general circulation during the past year. And from present indications we would not be surprised if the year 1890 would more than double the output of 1889, large as that has been.


— January, 1890 —