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MY DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I take the first opportunity to acknowledge your kind greetings and sentiments expressed in the January TOWER to the brethren that are “scattered abroad.” For one I am thankful for this channel of communion between members of the body.

While I might wish that the TOWER may each succeeding month go to many new readers I still believe that the “special issues,” in the form of “Dawn,” are to be the real “gold” and “silver” sledge-hammers that the Lord will continue to use in battering down the walls of Babylon and building up the “city” which has foundations. I will, however, do all I can to increase the circulation of the monthly TOWER, but I am sure that some others will be more efficient in this line than myself.

Through grace I have been able to sell over 350 copies of Dawn here during the two weeks past, against many obstacles—sickness, prejudice, etc. I enclose P.O. order for $25 as an offering to the Master, which I trust he will accept through the Tract Fund.

Last night I met with a few of the sheep here who have, of late, been meeting once a week to study the Bible in connection with Dawn. Last evening we considered the chapter on “Ransom and Restitution,” and all present were greatly blessed by the truths brought to light.

There is weeping and gnashing of teeth when the truth gets into the camp of its enemies. But we will rejoice in the Lord and seek to do good unto those that hate us and speak evil of us.

I do not sell as many of Vol. I. as I would if not selling Vol. II., but I think I sell a third or a half more books than if I were handling only one volume. I think the second volume is very strengthening to those who desire the truth, and I trust that others will appreciate it as the “night” and the “day” draw on. So in all I think it is as well to sell the two volumes together. In Coldwater, where I sold about 80 of Vol. I. two years ago, I sold over 150 this time by selling the two volumes.

At Quincy I sold about 75 books, and when I returned to deliver them after an absence of two days I found the people in a terrible state about “that book.” The false shepherds had started an alarm and it found the ear of nearly all in Babylon at that place. But I delivered the most of my books, preaching a little as I went. The spirit of Antichrist is indeed working “that none should buy or sell in the marts except those that have the mark of the beast or the number of his name.”

Have you noticed the articles from the pen of Editor Stead concerning the Pope and the Catholic Church? He suggests the need of a common head for the world to look to, to guide it in social and religious reforms, and of course thinks the Pope should be the one to fill this place. Surely all the world groaneth and waiteth for the manifestations of the sons of God and the true Head of the Church.

It is with much joy that I say “I long to meet you” at the Spring meeting. Like Brother Adamson, I had hardly expected (on account of the work) to be there, until a few months ago. I believe, however, that when the time comes I should have found it hard to stay away.

With much love and joy in the Truth, I remain yours in hope of witnessing unto the end the “good confession.”



Milwaukee, Wis.

DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—The ever-welcome TOWER came this morning. I have read the article, The New Covenant, and find the same harmony and consistency in its teaching as in all subjects treated in Dawn and TOWER in the past; link after link, making the great chain of truth, “so that the man of God may be complete; thoroughly fitted for every good work.”

At the close of the article, Where Does the Money Come From, I can fully endorse your emphatic warning against all who profess to beg in Christ’s name, and am glad you have written this warning in TOWER.

For many years past I have been disgusted with these pious beggars. How grand the sentiment, God says, My son, give me thy heart. And when we fully give our heart to God he asks nothing more. We have given all.

I rejoice, dear brother, at the great work God is doing, with a few of his sharpened arrows. Some have entirely departed from Babylon, some running for the great prize, to be joint-heirs with Christ, some rejoicing in prospect of restitution, many others beginning to see a little. But there is much yet to do. Babylon’s walls are still strong, and her defenders defiant, and we on the outside are despised and scorned. Nevertheless we have no cause for discouragement, for God’s children shall all be delivered from her chains of error.

I have proved what I had reason to expect, viz.: that in separating myself from worldly churches the small business that I have been engaged in here for a number of years is becoming so small, it looks as if I shall be compelled to close it out entirely, and look for some other means of sustaining life while it is God’s will for me to remain here. But I am not looking backward, but forward, and have great reason to rejoice.

Yours in the Master’s service, J. P__________.


Palestine, Tex.

TOWER PUBLISHING CO.:—I received a copy of the Dawn, Vol. I., yesterday. I went out this morning, got seventeen subscribers and the promise of several others. I don’t think it will be any trouble for me to sell them. You may send me forty. I have to roll my baby around with me, which makes it very tiresome. I am highly pleased with the TOWER.

MRS. W. B__________.


Manchester, England.

MY DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I enclose an order sheet and a money order for the Tower Publishing Co. Kindly have them send the books, papers and tracts at earliest convenience.

It is just about 12 months since I began to enjoy the glorious liberty of the children of God, through reading Z.W.T. publications. The joy that has been mine since the opening of my heart to receive the Truth cannot be told. Praise the dear Lord! I am sure that I would not exchange a twelve months’ experience of the Truth for 50 years’ enjoyment of what was to be had in the nominal Church. Nay, any exchange would be impossible; for, who, having the use of his senses, would exchange a reality for a sham?

I think I ought to tell you of the great progress I have made in the knowledge of the will and purposes of God as revealed in his Word during the past year. It is a wonder to myself. Whereas it took me many years to get a smattering of scriptural knowledge, now I seem to be quite conversant with all our Father’s plans. O how thankful I am to be delivered, not only from the bondage of sin, but also from that of error. And won’t it be grand by and by to be delivered also from the bondage of corruption?

I do not readily get a hearing for the Truth. People were so prejudiced against me for leaving the church (?) that the whole neighborhood leaves me on one side. However, the Lord does give me opportunities sometimes. I must tell you that I have taken no statements in TOWER or Dawns for granted, but have made them my own by searching them out. Somehow, after seeing the general plan as shown in Vol. I., it has been so easy and natural to see and take the following truths as the Lord has given them to me.

That the Lord will continue to keep us steadfast in the faith is my earnest prayer, and that you and your dear wife may be kept faithful in the service of the truth. With deep love to you and to all of the Church with you, in which my wife joins, I am, dear brother, yours in the Lord,

J. H__________.


Cherokee, Iowa.

TOWER PUB. CO., ALLEGHENY, PA.—Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Russell and Brethren, greeting:—Yes, we unite with you in heart and hand and voice and prayer that, from the condition in which the new year finds us, the light,

“The radiance from the cross,
The depth of love revealing,”

may shine more and more until perfect day; and that—

“Still new beauties we may see
And still increasing light.”

O how my heart rejoices, because the Lord lets me continue to see that “radiance from the cross afar, the Saviour’s love revealing.”

We now understand why we did not get a TOWER for December. Still we never had any other feeling in regard to it than perfect submission, for we knew all would be right when we received the light. I really expected to get Dawn Vol. III. in consequence, but now do not have any undue anxiety about it, am simply waiting in expectation.

I got a letter last fall from Brother Russell which was very fatherly, and did me and the brethren here much good. I hail the TOWER with a hearty welcome and peruse its pages with edifying benefit.

I go on Saturdays and such days as I can get opportunity, to the brethren and others to whom I have sold Dawns, and have a talk with them of their progress in the reading of Dawn and receiving light. Some are able to receive in part; some stumble at some points. Some, only a very few as yet, have had the fog of traditions scattered from before their eyes and see the glorious truth the Bible teaches. The “Helping Hand” clears away the mists.

I am unable to say at present how many have come to a firm stand on truth pointed out by Dawn, but I can cheerfully say that the Lord’s work is progressing in this regard slowly but surely. In due time “the righteous shall see it and rejoice, and all iniquity shall stop her mouth. Whoso is wise and will observe these things, even he shall understand the loving kindness of the Lord.”

A broken vessel in the service of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Very humbly, yours, A. D__________.


Liverpool, England.

DEAR BROTHER:—I have just received your very encouraging letter. May God give you grace and strength for the work he has called you to do. Having so much to do for the Lord, it is a great privilege to receive a personal letter, and though I may write at times, I do not expect you to answer, as the work for the general good of all must be done first. I may say that when I first read your TOWER, I used to give one-tenth of my income to the Lord, but through the light of the truth I was led to see myself obeying the Law whereas I am under grace. Praise God! So it is not the tenth now, it is all—a living sacrifice. The last order came to hand all right. Many thanks for same. May God bless you and Mrs. Russell, and all the brethren and sisters in Jesus. Yours in Jesus, J. B__________.


Clare, Mich.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—After reading Dawn, Vol. II., the chapters on “The Times of the Gentiles,” “The Jubilee Cycles,” Israel’s Double and the Time Chronology, I became convinced that we are indeed in the time of the harvest, while the chapter on the manner of our Lord’s second coming and the harmony of present indications leaves no room for even a doubt. Then in place of marrying and settling down, as I undoubtedly would have done, I sold off my personal property, paid all my indebtedness except a mortgage on some land, to engage in this harvest work. As I have not as yet been able to sell the land, and it being mostly unimproved will not rent for enough to pay the interest on the mortgage and the taxes, I thought to spend about a week in the spring putting in enough of a crop to pay the expenses of the place till I can sell it. If I can sell it for even a good deal less than I thought it was worth two years ago, I would have a few hundred dollars left to use as an offering to the Lord. My neighbors thought me very foolish at the course I have taken, and when I began to hold up the truth I met with opposition, but our blessed Lord and Saviour suffered without the gates and we may go to him without the camp bearing his reproach. I esteem the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. I will not be afraid of them, neither of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks.

Yours in the Lord, W. B__________.


“He that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto everlasting life.”


— February, 1890 —