R1183-3 Poem: His Grace Sufficient

::R1183 : page 3::


“Anywhere that Jesus calls me,
Any work he gives to do,
Any trial or affliction
He may call me to pass through,
My glad heart has the assurance
He will help me bear and do.

“O, the blessedness of trusting,
And the full heart satisfied!
O, the holy joy of loving
Only Him, the Crucified!
Looking up with faith unwav’ring
To the wounds in his dear side.

“Peace abiding like a river;
Rest the world can never know;
Faith that sees the pitying Father
Wheresoe’er the feet may go;—
Love uprising, filling, sweet’ning
Every cup of pain and woe.

“All my soul is filled with blessing
While I sit at thy dear feet;
And a consciousness of serving
Makes the hallowed cross more sweet,
While I own thy full salvation
And the cleansing all complete.

“If the way be rough and thorny,
Thou did’st tread the same for me;
Shall the servant than the Master
More exempt from trial be?
If I may at last behold thee,
It will be enough for me.”


— February, 1890 —