R1192-1 List Of Railroads Making The Concession

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Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore & Potomac, Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburg, Camden & Atlantic, Central of New Jersey, Chesapeake & Ohio, Delaware & Hudson Canal Co., Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, Elmira, Cortland & Northern, Lehigh Valley, New York Central & Hudson River, New York, Lake Erie & Western, New York, Ontario & Western, Northern Central, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia & Erie, Philadelphia & Reading, Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore, Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg (except Phoenix Line,) Shenandoah Valley, Western, New York & Pennsylavnia, West Jersey, West Shore.

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Baltimore & Ohio, Canadian Pacfic, Chatauqua Lake, Chesapeake & Ohio, Chicago & Atlantic, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago & Grand Trunk, Chicago & West Michigan, Chicago, Detroit & Niagara Falls Short Line, Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis, Chicago, St. Louis & Pittsburg, Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw, Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern, Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland, Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan, Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore, Cleveland & Canton, Cleveland & Marietta, Cleveland & Pittsburg, Cleveland & Western, Cleveland, Akron & Columbus, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & St. Louis, Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling, Columbus & Cincinnati Midland, Columbus & Eastern, Columbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo, Dayton & Union, Dayton, Fort Wayne & Chicago, Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co., Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee, Detroit, Lansing & Northern, Evansville & Terre Haute, Flint & Pere Marquette, Fort Wayne, Cincinnati & Louisville, Grand Rapids & Indiana, Grand Trunk (West of Toronto). Indiana, Illinois & Iowa, Indianapolis & Vincennes, Indianapolis, Decatur & Western, Jacksonville Southeastern, Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis, Kanawha & Ohio, Lake Erie & Western, Lake Erie, Alliance & Southern; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis, Louisville, New Albany & Chicago, Michigan Central, Midland, New York, Chicago & St. Louis, New York, Lake Erie & Western, Ohio & Missippi, Ohio & Northwestern, Ohio, Indiana & Western, Ohio River, Ohio Southern, Peoria, Decatur & Evansville, Pittsburg, Cincinnati & St. Louis, Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago, Pittsburg, Marion & Chicago, Saginaw Valley & St. Louis, Scioto Valley, Toledo & Ohio Central, Toledo, Ann Arbor & N. Michigan, Toledo, Columbus & Cincinnati, Toledo, Peoria & Western, Toledo, St. Louis & Kansas City, Valley. Vandalia Line (T.H.& I.) Wabash, Western New York & Pennsylavnia, Wheeling & Lake Erie.

Those availing themselves of the concession should apply for tickets and certificates at the offices of the above-named roads at least thirty minuites before train time.

Return tickets will be sold here to those holding certificates, at one-third the regular full fare.


— March, 1890 —