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Some will suggest, Could there be perfect happiness beyond the Millennium if even one mother’s son were to die the Second Death?

Let such consider that the love which a mother has for her son more than for others is a more or less selfish love, the outgrowth of present conditions and circumstances. When the race has reached perfection, in the times of restitution, the loves now bounded by the narrow family circle will be overwhelmed and swallowed up by a universal love for all the sons of God on every plane of being. Love will then be founded upon the substantial basis of character and intrinsic merit. When perfection is reached the love between the members of the restored race will be the true, pure, unselfish love, more like the love of God. Every mother will love every other mother’s son just as she loves her own; the human family will be one family, and all will be sons of God, loving God supremely and each the other as himself. All who have not this spirit (after full opportunity and knowledge), whatever or whoever such may be, will not be recognized as members of the family of God, but as aliens, and enemies of God and righteousness. When people are thus loved for what they really are, and when God’s law is the recognized standard, no love will be lost and no sympathy wasted upon those who wilfully prefer and choose evil. When they shall be destroyed from among the people (Acts 3:23) and shall “be as though they had not been,” all will realize and fully acquiesce in the wisdom of his law—that wilful sinners shall die. This will be the effect of the broader, fuller love upon all who enter into perfect love and perfect harmony with all the wise arrangements of our just God and Savior.

Indeed a feeling like this is often experienced now by disheartened mothers whose gray hairs are brought down with sorrow to the grave by wayward sons who have no respect for their counsels and entreaties. How often such say, Would that I had never given birth to such a son.


— June, 1890 —

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