R1216-1 Poems And Hymns Of Dawn

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As we do not have printing presses and a bindery of our own, but hire our work done, we are more or less dependent upon others. We must therefore ask patience on your part for the volume of Poems and Hymns until about July. Orders will be filled in rotation as received. Those sent in now may not be attended to before July 15th as quite a number are already ahead of them. Order at once. The book will contain 495 pages of poems and hymns by various authors, some of them overhauled and repaired theologically. We believe it is just what all the TOWER readers need and will want. To put it within the reach of all, the price in cloth binding will be 50 cents postpaid or 40 cents per copy by express at your charges. Any one who has been a TOWER reader for a year (and thus shown to be interested in the subject treated) who cannot afford to purchase will be supplied free upon request.


— June, 1890 —