R1239-1 Poems And Hymns Of Dawn

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This is the title of our new book. It is a volume of 494 pages, neatly bound, with red edges, in embossed cloth cover.

It contains 151 choice religious Poems and 333 select Hymns, many of which are from the well known pens of Whittier, Doudney, Titbury, Browning, Mackay, Bryant, Havergal, Reed, Janvier, Bonar, Guinness, Wince, Smith, Heber, Brown, Upham, Watts, Newton, Cowper, Bottome, Doddridge, Kelly, Pierpont, Taylor, Bliss, Oberlin, Toplady, Gates, Crosby, Wittenmeyer, Hastings, Grant, Palmer, Guyon, Phelps, Stennett, Brewer, Bowring and many others, including some by Sister Russell.

For a helping hand to lead our hearts very close to the Lord, in quiet, solitary meditations, and in songs of praise and worship, alone or in little assemblages of believers, we know of none so helpful as this volume of Poems and Hymns of Dawn.

The retail price through bookstores and news-agents is the same as the volumes of MILLENNIAL DAWN in cloth binding, namely: One dollar a copy. The wholesale rate is fifty cents a copy.—ALL WATCH TOWER subscribers are supplied at the wholesale rate, for any desired quantity, without extra charge for postage.

The price is made thus low because we desire that all of the saints may have the assistance of this helping hand in their communion and devotion. It is good to know the truth; it is blessed to obey it; and it is then sweet to feed upon it in communion and worship. In order that the poor of the flock may enjoy the same opportunities for communion and growth in grace, we renew our offer to supply a copy to any who have been on our TOWER list for the past year as the Lord’s poor, if they will write for it, saying that they are too poor to afford to purchase the volume.

Let us here remark, what some do not appear to understand, that we are now supplying Millennial Dawn in cloth binding to TOWER subscribers at half the retail price—fifty cents per copy—with no extra charge for postage. Order as many copies as you desire for your own use and for loaning to friends and neighbors.


— September, 1890 —