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Liberia, W.C. Africa.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—It is now nearly ten months since you heard from me last. The reason for this long delay has been my recent sickness for nearly three months, and I have been still disabled to write even after my partial recovery. The books, papers, tracts, etc., you sent me came to hand and are doing their intended work. Enclosed please find another order for more books. I am heartily gratified to hear of the book of “POEMS AND HYMNS OF DAWN.” You may recollect that I called your attention, some two years ago, to the necessity of having such hymns, so we might “sing with the spirit and with the understanding;” hence I am greatly rejoiced to know that you have felt the same need and have prepared such a book for our use.

I am also glad to advise you that the harvest work here is still going on with unabated zeal and perseverance amidst opposition and persecution from the nominal church and the world. We feel assured that the presence of the Lord is with us, which in great measure stimulates and cheers our otherwise drooping hearts. The circle of interested ones is gradually becoming wider in Africa. A recent letter from Bro. C. J. George to me, in reference to the Church of Christ, as a proof of this fact, says: “When you communicate to America you will not fail to remind Bro. Russell of the interest that is being awakened at L__________, and also to send me a few more of his tracts (assorted), missionary envelopes, and a copy of the Emphatic Diaglott.”

Thus you see how the truth is gaining ground, and must eventually prevail over errors and sophistries of the devil, and traditions of long standing. May the good Lord still bless your labor for his own glory! With best regards, very truly your brother in the harvest work.




TOWER PUBLISHING CO. GENTLEMEN:—Enclosed find $1.50, and send MILLENNIAL DAWNS to addresses given. We have just read this most remarkable book with great interest. Should it strike others as it has me, it will certainly meet a long felt want, and prove to be a wonderful power for good. I always felt restrained in my allegiance to a God with no moral attributes above man.

This book brushes away all the narrow views of a half century’s gathering, and sets forth the wisdom, justice, and mercy of God in a far more exalted light. The Bible is all a new revelation to me now, and is wonderfully interesting.

I send for these volumes to pass around, and should they give others the pleasure they have brought to me and mine, I will further continue the orders. Personally thanking the author of the book for the blessing and comfort it has brought to me through its vindication of the character of our God, I am sincerely and truly yours,




MY DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Very many thanks for your gracious letters and postal card. I rejoice that you give me permission to translate the beautiful DAWN into French, and I note very carefully the instructions you give, which I wish to comply with to the letter. I find I must be in Paris to carry them out as you desire. I intend to win, with the Lord’s help, many Frenchmen to the cause of this truth. I have been particularly blessed by reading recent numbers of the WATCH TOWER.

Brother Cooper, who but recently came to see the light through the first volume, which I loaned to him, is in quite a glory season. He has been forbidden to preach any more among the Wesleyans so long as he spreads this light. With respect and love to Sister Russell, ever yours in heavenly love.




DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Yours received, and as usual read with pleasure and profit. I thank you sincerely for your kind reply and advice. God bless you, and the saints at Allegheny. I felt that I had the assistance of your prayers last Sunday. I had the pleasure of meeting the pastor of my old congregation. He undertook a very unfair arrangement, all in his favor, but was met and completely routed, and actually fled the field. The Lord be praised! He compared me to “Judas Iscariot,” and “Benedict Arnold.” When I got up to reply, he tried to dismiss the congregation, failing in which, he left with precipitation, although I gave him a kind invitation to remain.

A small number of his friends undertook to create some confusion by laughing and talking, even after I had kneeled down in prayer. I prayed the Lord to forgive them, for it was evident they were ignorant and knew not what they did. They finally subsided and fled with their leader, leaving me a large, orderly and interested company. It seemed to me that my understanding and lips were opened. I felt liberated and inspired, and like a flash the thought occurred to me, “The brethren and sisters of Allegheny are praying for me.”

I can’t help thinking, good was done that day. I preached at 11 o’clock, A.M., also, and distributed a lot of tracts, and all the Z.W.T.’s you sent me, and then all that wanted could not be supplied. I am to preach there again soon. Dear friends, pray for us. And oh! pray the Lord to bless me with a meek and quiet spirit. I expect to be attacked furiously in all kinds of ways.

God bless you and sister R. Long may you be spared to instruct and encourage the Church. Yours in the one faith,



— December, 1890 —