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The only article in the present issue bearing upon the subject of our journey abroad is the copy of the Letter to Barons Rothschild and Hirsch, which we believe will interest all of our readers.

The January TOWER will contain our View of Foreign Mission Work, and, in connection, a report upon the Home and Foreign Tract and Mission Work as connected with the WATCH TOWER office and its co-workers. This will be followed by a brief account of our travels and observations in Great Britain and Europe, from the pen of Sister Russell. Subsequently the story of our sojourn in Palestine and our views of the European situation will be given as opportunity may permit.


So far as heard from, the proposition to increase the size of the TOWER meets with general favor. Some, however, urge that instead of it having more pages, its visits be twice a month, as they get too hungry between them. We have concluded to grant the request. Accordingly (D.V.) the issues will be at the 1st and 15th of each month during 1892. This will busy us still more, and you must expect still fewer and shorter personal replies to letters.


We correct our TOWER subscription list quarterly, but make special changes at the first of each year. As this involves considerable labor, we ask that those whose subscriptions expire with the present issue and those in arrears and those whose subscriptions would expire during the year 1892 send the amount that will pay their dues up to Dec. 1892 at once. Remember that the price of the TOWER for 1892 will be one dollar.

Those who have been on our paid list for some time and who do not desire its continuance will oblige us by sending a postal card to this effect.


Those interested readers who, because of age or other infirmities or disadvantages, are unable to pay for the TOWER, and to whom it is supplied FREE as unto “the Lord’s Poor,” will please remember to send at least a postal card in December, stating their interest, their inability still to pay, and their acceptance of it as a favor from the Lord under this offer made them in his name.


The Tower Tract Society has received promptly quite a number of responses upon the blank slips furnished in the last issue. The evidences are that the harvest work for 1892 can be made much more effective even than this year; although this too has been a blessed year, as you will see by the report to appear in our next issue.


We have a number of binders for the old TOWERS left over, which we offer much below cost—at 75 cents each. These patent binders will hold all back issues of the WATCH TOWER up to Jan’y ’91. They will be found a great convenience for preserving your old Towers.


Do not forget the Missionary Envelopes. We have a new lot and supply them now at the reduced price of 25 cents per hundred, and 2.00 per thousand. This includes delivery to you at your Postoffice.


— December, 1891 —