R1361-160 To Officers Of Tower Tract Society

::R1361 : back cover::


My present judgment is that during the year 1892, by denying myself and taking up my cross, I shall be able to lay aside on the first day of each week for HOME and FOREIGN MISSION work (to assist in putting MILLENNIAL DAWN into other languages, and to assist fully consecrated Colporteurs who, by reason of family and other encumbrances, would otherwise be unable to meet their necessary expenses—in home or in foreign fields of labor), for publishing the series of OLD THEOLOGY TRACTS quarterly, and reprinting old ones, in various languages, and to enable large quantities of them to be circulated gratuitously (through the mails as sample copies and by the hands of brethren who have the heart and the opportunity so to use them), __________dollars__________cents per week.

That the work be not hindered, I will endeavor to send you what I shall have laid aside for this cause, at the close of each quarter. I will secure a Bank Draft, Express Order, Postal Note or Money Order, as I may find most convenient, and will address the letter to the TOWER TRACT SOCIETY, at above address.


— November, 1891 —