R1901-277 Poem: The Plan Of The Ages

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::R1901 : page 277::


A beautiful vision of glory has caught my enraptured gaze;
It is thrilling my heart with gladness, and filling my mouth with praise.
My soul had so longed for this vision; I knew it must come to view,
When Faith would behold God’s goodness in the light which makes all things new.
And so I have searched for the treasure, believing I yet would find;
And that God in his infinite mercy would open my eyes, so blind,
To see the Truth in its grandeur, all fresh with the dews of grace,
And sparkling in the glory that beams from the holy place;
To know his love, passing knowledge in its length and depth and height,
With a breadth no man can measure, and a strength sin cannot blight.

The Lord hath his time appointed to fulfil our hearts’ desires,
And there comes an hour in his “due time” when the weary watch expires.
So, standing upon my tower in the dawn of a better day,
And waiting there for the vision he promised should not delay,
I saw God’s plan of the ages on tablets of truth made plain,
And the love wherewith he loved us, and his plan man’s love to regain.
Oh, truly, the scene was blessed, transcending my noblest thought;
With my cup of joy overflowing, I cried, “What hath God wrought!”

In the past I had had some glimpses of what his great love might be;
But the scene had so many shadows it seemed a vast mystery.

The creeds of men, and false doctrines, had formed a veil o’er my eyes,
And the truth of God looked sombre when hidden ‘mid such disguise;
But now it is joy and gladness, “glad tidings of great joy!”
And e’en if I had a thousand tongues I could each one employ
To tell it out to his people, and call to his saints beloved,
To come and gaze on the vision with the shadows all removed;
To trace with love’s guiding finger, in the light of the holy oil,
God’s plan for the world’s redemption from sin and all its turmoil.
For, Oh, such a vision, surely, will quell all their doubts and fears;
And such a bright dawn of promise will banish night’s falling tears.

Then come to the watch tower, pilgrims, come up to this height serene,
And gaze on this rapturous vision, and take in the blessed scene,
‘Til the truth of God, so mighty, shall break every captive’s chain,
And the bliss that was lost in Eden is restored to mankind again.


— December 1, 1895 —