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DEAR BROTHER:—I wish to present a few thoughts called up recently by reading in DAWN, Vol. III., pages 228, 363, etc., the statement that the Scriptures do not indicate, so far as seen, the exact date of the exaltation of the last members of the “little flock” and the “closing of the door.”

During ’94 and ’95 I spent some time in studying Revelation for my personal development, but was unable to come to any conclusions as to the “day”-year of Babylon’s destruction. (Chap. 18:8.) Later I was referred by Sister Townsend to Hos. 5:7.

Note in connection Zech. 11, which refers particularly to the Jewish rejection of Jesus. We know that the Jewish house was left desolate in A.D. 33 and that to the Autumn of A.D. 36 special favor was confined to the individuals of that nation. As Israel is referred to in prophecy as Israel—the whole house; Judah—the two tribes; and Ephraim—the ten tribes, it occurred to me that “the three shepherds” (Zech. 11:8) were the priesthood of the nation, as a whole and in its two later divisions—the whole Aaronic line. One month (30 years) for their cutting off would bring us to the Autumn of A.D. 66.

From history we find that just at this time (at least not later than early in A.D. 67) a band of Jewish rioters displaced the Royal and Legal Priesthood and polluted the temple; hence the Aaronic Priesthood was there literally ended, though rejected previously, when the sacrifice of Christ displaced the sacrifices of the Law.

Finding its literal fulfilment thus upon Fleshly Israel, it is not difficult to see how it is with Spiritual Israel (Babylon, Ephraim, Ariel, etc.), which is also represented as divided into three parts.—Rev. 16:19.

Hos. 5:7 speaks of “strange children” of Israel and says Jehovah withdrew himself from them entirely. “Now shall a month devour them with their portions [belongings].” The antitype of cast-off Israel is the nominal Christian Church (Babylon), and the corresponding date to Jehovah’s withdrawal from Israel in A.D. 36 is 1881. 1881 plus 30 equals 1911, when Babylon shall be entirely “devoured” or destroyed.

In DAWN, Vol. III., we see how the Pyramid indicates Oct. 1910 as the [probable] date when the last members of the “little flock” shall be changed and accounted worthy to escape the severity of the trouble. The saints are warned, “Come out of her, … that ye receive not of her plagues” (Rev. 18:4); for (verse 8) “her plagues shall come in one day [year], and she shall be utterly burned”—destroyed in that, her last day, ending Oct. 1911 and beginning Oct. 1910, thus corroborating the Pyramid’s testimony.

The shortness and suddenness of her destruction are indicated by Isa. 47:9; 10:17 and Rev. 16:17-21, as plainly shown in DAWN.

Thus the dates 1910 and 1911 seem clearly marked. I have attempted to give briefly the main thoughts, just enough to enable you to grasp the idea.

Yours in fellowship,



A returned missionary writes us as follows:—

New York

TO THE AUTHOR OF MILLENNIAL DAWN. DEAR SIR:—A friend gave me the first volume of MILLENNIAL DAWN. I have been greatly interested and profited by it, reading it with Bible in hand to note references.

As a missionary of twenty years in China, there are times when I cannot look at that dreadful diagram of the condition of the world. Having been in the chief great heathen fields of the world, and seen the darkness (yea, felt it), and this nearly 2,000 years after Christ’s coming, with all my assurance that Christ shall have his rightful inheritance, and all my enthusiasm in the work, yet often my heart has failed within me, at the magnitude of the work yet to be accomplished. Your rendering of the matter brings me comfort, appeals to my reason and faith, and yet does not “cut the nerve of missions.”

I want volumes II. and III. of DAWN, also TABERNACLE SHADOWS. Kindly also send me sample copy of your paper.



— November 1, 1896 —