R2078-300 Poem: “Covet Earnestly The Best”

::R2078 : page 300::


God has his best things for the few
Whose love shall stand the test;
God has his second choice for those
Who do not crave his best.

It is not always open sin
That risks the promised rest;
A good more often is the foe
That keeps us from the best.

::R2079 : page 301::

There’s scarcely one but vaguely wants
In some way to be blest;
‘Tis not a blessing, Lord, I seek,
I want thy very best!

Yet others make the highest choice,
But when by trials pressed
They shrink, they yield, they shun the cross,
And so they lose the best.

I want in this short life of mine,
As much as can be pressed
Of service true for God and man;
God help me do my best!

I want to stand when Christ appears
In spotless raiment dressed;
Numbered among his chosen ones,
His holiest, his best.

I want among the victor throng
To have my name confessed;
And hear my Master say at last,
“Well done! You did your best.”

Give me, O Lord, thy highest choice;
Let others choose the rest;
Their good things lose their charm for me,
Since I have found thy best.



— December 15, 1896 —