R2218-275 Poem: Hear Thou My Prayer

::R2218 : page 275::


O Lord that pitiest all, hear thou my prayer:—
For gold I ask not, nor for transient wealth,
Nor e’en for richer gifts, nor power, nor health,
But only this—to nestle in thy care,

To rest supreme in thee, and feel that there
No harm can come that thou hast not foreseen.
To trust alway, and on thy strength to lean,
To feel thy guiding hand mid every snare.

I ask that strength that comes alone from thee,
To falter not, nor any trials shun;
And eyes of faith mid deepening gloom to see
My duty’s path, and thus my course to run.

Beyond these years I look to that bright home.
Help thou my wavering step, O Lord, I come.

Paul R. Wright.


— September 15, 1897 —