R2282-100 Poem: O’Ertake Us On Our Journey, Lord!

::R2282 : page 100::


—(Luke 24:13-32.)—

When to Emmaus the disciples walked,
Downcast, their hopes to sorrow turned,
A courtly stranger came and with them talked
Whose hearts for consolation yearned.

“Why walk ye thus, with sad, dejected mien,
When brightly shines the King of Day?
The woods are decked; for, as a radiant queen,
Spring comes triumphant on her way.”

“O stranger, not by us the fields are seen;
We study sorrow’s pages o’er.
The day is night, and crushed our hearts have been,
Since Calv’ry’s cross our Master bore.

“Jesus of Nazareth his humble name,
But rightful heir of David’s throne.
We trusted for redemption; but in shame
We must our cause defeated own.”

“Defeated? Say not so who hope in God.
Weep not! Jehovah’s oath and seal
Attest Messiah’s righteous scepter-rod
Shall Israel bless, all nations heal.

“But ought he not have suffered all these things,
And enter into glory, first
To make conciliation? King of kings
Indeed, but for our sakes accursed.”

Unlocking then the mysteries of the Word,
The light the prophecies concealed,
His eloquence their languished faith bestirred,
And lo! the Master was revealed.

* * *

O kindly stranger! On our toilsome way
O’ertake us, thou who went’st before!
On thy deep footprints focus ev’ry ray
Of light that “shineth more and more.”

Forsake us not, when faith and hope are weak,
But walk with us the journey through;
Full fill us with thy spirit, holy, meek,
All bonds of earth and sin undo.

Reveal thyself! With tender touch anoint
Our dimmed eyes. Revive our faith
With visions of the crown thou dost appoint
To those who bear the cross till death—

That, though at first we may discern thee not,
We shall behold thee when we rest
At twilight—all our griefs and cares forgot,
Rejoiced in thee, and by thee blest.



— April 1, 1898 —