R2512-204 Despise Not The Day Of Small Things

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—ZECH. 4:10.—

MANY, AS they note the mighty opposition to present truth, and the comparatively few who have ears to hear it, and hearts to obey it, are inclined to discouragement. They are in danger of despising their God-given opportunities as a “day of small things,” and hence of letting slip valuable opportunities for service to God and his people. For such the Lord sends a message, saying,—”Strengthen ye the weak hands and confirm [make firm] the feeble knees. Say to the timid of heart, Be strong, fear not: Behold your God! Vengeance cometh! the recompense of God. He will come and save you. Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.”—Isa. 35:3-5.

Think of the possibilities, remembering that now as in Elijah’s day there are probably more than seven thousand Israelites indeed who have not bowed the knee to Baal. But consider the possibilities within reach of the twenty thousand readers of ZION’S WATCH TOWER as follows:—

If each one will interest another one this year, it will mean 40,000 in 1900.

If all have similar zeal and success it would mean 80,000 in 1901; and 160,000 in 1902; and 320,000 in 1903; and 640,000 in 1904; and 1,280,000 in 1905.

But suppose that only one in ten of the readers are fully consecrated—their all upon the Lord’s altar as “living sacrifices, holy, acceptable to God” and doing “their reasonable service,”—how then would it show? Thus:—

At present 2,000; in 1900 it would show 4,000; in 1901 it would show 8,000; in 1902 it would show 16,000; in 1903 it would show 32,000; in 1904 it would show 64,000; in 1905 it would show 128,000.

But the average should be more than this. Each of the consecrated, watching and praying and improving every opportunity, and permitting no day to pass without some special witness for the Lord and his truth either by word or pen, should expect to reach more than one each year. If they have not averaged better than this in the past, they should seek and pray for more opportunities and especially for more wisdom to see and to use their opportunities. Let us all make sure that the Master at last can say of us as he said of one of old,—”She hath done what she could.”—Mark 14:8.

Never before were there so many possibilities of serving the truth—God’s provision for his people.

(1) All the interested may have ZION’S WATCH TOWER regularly free if they cannot afford the moderate subscription price, and will write us to that effect: or they may have it on credit, if they prefer it so; and if they can never pay and will write us to this effect, the debt will be cancelled.

(2) All TOWER readers are supplied, free, all the tracts they can use—for enclosing in their letters,

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for distribution on railway trains, at conventions, etc. Millions of tracts are thus circulated annually.

(3) For those who can devote their time to colporteuring the DAWNS and booklets every reasonable arrangement is made; and about fifty brethren and sisters are giving their time and strength in this way.

(4) For others who cannot thus “minister,” the Lord has opened a new department of “Volunteers” for Sunday service in the free circulation of the “meat in due season” represented in the booklet, The Bible vs. Evolution. Many have taken hold of this opportunity, and at present we are unable to meet the demand as promptly as we would like. We know not

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what results the reaping will show, but are sure that the “reapers” are being blest and strengthened by their service.

(5) Opportunity to secure the DAWNS, etc., at extremely low rates for loaning to neighbors and friends.

Evidences multiply that all those facilities for service are at a most opportune time: when the fall of Babylon from steadfastness on even the first principles of the doctrines of Christ is awakening the Lord’s people and calling them to come out of her; and when they need the helping hands of true “brethren” to guide them into the light of truth now shining. For we firmly believe that all in Babylon must come out of her, if they would be of the Bride class; and that none of the “brethren” who will be amongst the “overcomers” will be left in “darkness.”—See 1 Thes. 5:2-5; Rev. 3:18-22; 13:14-16; 20:4.

“Lord, increase our faith!” If we believe that we are in the “harvest” time of this age, and that the “harvest” work is in progress, and we participators in it, let us believe also that the great Chief Reaper is thoroughly able to use us as well as to bless us in his service; and let none look at clouds and discouragements, but let each do with his might what his hands find to do, with the eye of faith “looking unto Jesus,” our Captain, and determined that, whether or not he shall be able to bring many unto the Kingdom, the King shall at least have evidence of his love and zeal and effort so to do.


— August 1, 1899 —