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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Enclosed please find $1.00, renewal subscription for ZION’S WATCH TOWER, year 1900. The Spiritual food becomes more necessary and more enjoyable as time rolls on.

I find in DAWN VOL. V. a grand spiritual feast, filling my heart with praise and love to our Heavenly Father, the giver of all good. I am thankful to have you Scripturally prove (effectually silencing subtle arguments of the adversary) the human perfection of our precious, sinless Redeemer, coming as he did in the line of David through Nathan—not Solomon’s ancestral line.

Brother Russell, this has been a very profitable year to mother and me, continuing to enter into the joys of our Lord; every experience, every trial has contained valuable instruction much to our advancement spiritually. We are daily learning that the advantage of the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the holy spirit.

I do not write often to the Bible House as I am quite busy, but in spirit I am ever with you and all the dear “harvest” workers. I am sure we are all rejoicing because we are one year nearer our eternal home.

My husband is now in Pittsburg; he has a position there. The Lord willing, mother and I will join him in the spring. What a blessed privilege that would be if God should permit us to again assemble with the saints that meet from time to time in the Bible House. And yet it seems with every blessing there is a trial;—there are dear friends in __________ from whom it will be hard to separate.

Kind greeting to yourself and all the Church at Allegheny. MRS. A. E. POWER,—Missouri.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Accept my heartfelt thanks for yours of Oct. 11th. The advice and admonitions it contained have proved blessings to me. I know that God is filling your heart with kindness and your mind with wisdom and all good, and often thank him in prayer for it. I often wish I could say something that would give you joy. I have many opportunities to converse with clergymen and other “professionally” religious people, and when I see the great darkness in which they are, and how firmly they are tied in it, my heart is filled with gratefulness to God, and to you as his earthly instrument, for the light which he has given me.

You may well believe that I am glad Brother Nelson is coming over to help me. It is needed help, I assure you. I am so inexperienced and a “child” as yet. I am filled with a sense of my own smallness when I consider the amount of work that ought to be done. My heart is open for him and I am anxiously awaiting him,—hope he will come soon.

Please send me 800 copies Vol. I. and 100 each of II. and III., in all 1,000 copies, and as many tracts as you see fit. I would suggest about 3,000 of each in the Swedish language.

I am traveling again, but I do not spend all my time thus. I am acting on your suggestions in your letter. I try to be as practical as possible. I visit every house in the towns I go to. But I have also tried to follow the advice you gave in an earlier letter, namely, to get into communication with as many as possible of the leaders in the Salvation Army and other religious bodies, and to seek out such as appear to be unprejudiced and free among God’s children. All this I have tried to do. My mode of traveling is cheap, I have a strong body, and can stand considerable hard usage, for instance, traveling by freight steamers, where the only accommodations are the bare deck, or on freight trains, always the cheapest way. The time spent in transit I use to speak to people and to study the Word and DAWNS, and am at the same time resting from the rather wearying walking connected with colporteuring. I take the addresses of all to whom I sell.

I cannot find words to express how grateful I am for all your kindness to me, in giving advice, etc. My highest desire is to please my Savior in all things. He fills my whole heart. Praise be to his name!

That God may constantly bless you and keep you is my constant prayer. Your brother in Christ,



— December 15, 1899 —