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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I have just been reading again in the TOWER of March 1st the article entitled “Mark the Perfect Man,” etc., and want you to know how much I have enjoyed it and profited by it. After thanking the Giver of every good and perfect gift I thank you, and continually pray that the favor of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you in all your work, and that you may ever be defended from the assaults of the adversary. Putting myself for a moment in your place, I was able to see that you would rejoice to know that the household were appreciating the things “new and old,” and I wanted by this little note to help “hold up” your hands. Please do not trouble to acknowledge this, but believe me,

Yours in the Lord,

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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I feel like echoing Sister Graham’s “Thank you” for the spiritual food which my hungry soul has found. Truly the WATCH TOWER is a welcome visitor to me. Just so sure as I am particularly downhearted about something in the “way” of a Christian “walk” just so sure do I find something in the next WATCH TOWER which is a spiritual help to me; a something in fact which shows me something about my poor unworthy self from a standpoint which I had not before seen myself. For instance, I have just been reading the essentials of the perfect man and find just what I needed in my present discouraged mood. Especially so in the third and fourth paragraphs in the “Sons of God all Peacemakers,” on page 71, and in the last paragraph of the

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same item that refers to combativeness: I feel that it just means me. I feel so very anxious sometimes that my dear husband would become a follower of Christ that I fear I do more harm than good talking about it all the time, but a peaceful feeling has come to me since reading this last TOWER which has encouraged me more than I can express. I could tell of many times in the past in which I have been helped and encouraged just the same, and oh! when I realize how much I am helped, and yet know how unworthy I am, I wonder why God has given me such privileges and withheld them from others, who, it seems to me, would have profited so much by them.

I have in the past week been thoroughly discouraged because it seemed to me after all the “light” God has given me I am no better than many others who make no pretence to Christianity, but I feel encouraged now to take a “fresh start” and to pray more earnestly in secret not “push your religion” on any one. Then, too, Satan had been trying to make me think because I had failings all my trying had been vain, but since reading my welcome WATCH TOWER I am still encouraged to go on trying and trusting.

Your grateful sister in Christ,

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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I have the pleasure at this time of writing to you, and I assure you that it is a pleasure indeed. You are burdened no doubt with letters from the friends of the faith, but your kind patience seems so prominent in your writings that I am quite sure you will appreciate a letter, even from me.

The faith in the coming Kingdom has grown at this place under my care until we have a few—a little band of followers of the Lord—who, I trust, are presenting themselves living sacrifices unto him who bought them. The work is necessarily slow, and the path not very smooth so far as this world is concerned. We meet with a good many obstacles, as so many have been prejudiced by the blind that are leading them; still we are in hopes that some will see the light even in such darkness as here prevails.

No one knows our weaknesses and feeble attempts to do God’s will as the Father himself. We feel that we need someone to cheer us up and to give us courage to press forward in the cause as a preacher of the gospel of peace.

I thought it might be proper to mention that we have great desires for another “Pilgrim” visit. We hope that one is headed this way, and can stop with us for a few days. All profited so much by the visit of Brother Draper in November, and our love and prayers have followed him all these days. As the clouds grow dark upon this benighted world may God’s dear ones—for he knows who are his—be faithful to their calling and “show forth the praises of him who hath called us out of darkness into his marvellous light,” is the prayer of one who is the least to be called a son.

Yours in His service,
E. L. BROWN,—Ind. Ter.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I wish I could tell the two dear sisters who arranged the Index how much I appreciate it. It is exactly what I have needed. It certainly required a good deal of patient work to produce it and I hope all of the TOWER readers will appreciate it.

How much I would like to be at Allegheny at the great Memorial and enjoy the sacred season with you all. Not that I would be willing to be absent from Scranton at that time, but the remembrance of five years ago when I was there and the rich blessings I received at that time makes me long for one more such precious season. O what a blessed five years it has been! Every day has been full of a consciousness of the dear Lord’s favor, and tho I cannot say that I have always done the very best I might have done, still it has been one continual effort to follow our blessed Leader and Guide on the narrow way. All of the time I have been conscious of his tender love, and his favors have been more numerous than the hairs of my head. And you, Brother Russell, you have been a true and faithful under-shepherd and kind and loving pastor to us all and I hope that all have had a keen appreciation of this. Some I know have, for many times have I heard prayers go up from consecrated hearts for you.

Brothers Woodworth and Hodges are both growing young men, and are indeed getting to be “able ministers of the Word.” They are capable of standing for its defence anywhere. Hoping this may find you all well and happy at Allegheny, I send greetings to the Church there in the name of the little company at Scranton.

Lovingly your brother in Christ,
HAYDEN SAMSON,—Pennsylvania.


KIND SIRS:—Coming out of our little chapel last Lord’s Day night I was handed a little book, “The Bible vs. the Evolution Theory.” After careful reading I was wonderfully blessed and thank God it was thrown in my way as I was hungry for such truths. I am an old lady in a home of faith and prayer and cannot buy such things. I was so happy after careful reading to find on the back of the little book that you would contribute a paper to any of the Lord’s aged who could not buy the same. I am so anxious to read something edited by the author of MILLENNIAL DAWN, for I scarcely expect to be able to get hold of the three volumes of that wonderful message and will be so thankful for anything you can send me free. Perhaps through me it will reach some one and do great good. God will bless the beautiful truths sent out from your house. Anything that one of his aged saints can do to assist will be done by


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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I am so much impressed with the last issue of the WATCH TOWER that I wish to distribute a number of copies among my brethren in the Presbyterian church here, of which I am a member. It has opened my eyes to the delusion into which we have been drilled from infancy. I am free to confess that had I understood the Bible as you explain it and as I now know to be correct I should never have joined myself to any such God-defaming doctrine.

There are a few honest, earnest, pious ones in the congregation who, I believe, would be glad to have their eyes opened. Our minister, whom I want to believe to be an honest, earnest Christian, seems to be utterly blind, and afraid of the truth, for I gave him a copy of THE PLAN OF THE AGES and after waiting two weeks I asked him what he thought of it. His reply was “Can’t say I have read it!”

With the prayer that God will richly bless you and your work,
I am, Respectfully yours,
R. WILSON McGUIRE,—Arkansas.


— April 15, 1900 —