R2905-350 Encouraging Words From Friends

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Dear Brother Russell:—

Your answers to my questions, and the little extra, “Things Whereof Ye Wrote unto Me,” are in accordance with my views on the subject, and also what I had expected from you, after carefully reading your article in the July number of the Watch Tower, 1893, on the relationship of man and wife, with which Sister Stovel and myself were much delighted at the time it was published. It entirely coincided with our views on such relationship, which opinion neither of us have had the slightest reason to change in the slightest degree. Indeed we had positively refused to believe the whole of what we had heard of your opinions and advice; but as assertions were made to the contrary, I thought before denying them, to get your direct word upon the subject, feeling quite sure that if I was in error, you had good scriptural ground for your opinion.

I have not seen Sister Stovel since she came back from Cleveland Convention; but to-day I received a long letter from her, informing me of the glorious time you all had there, and expressing herself as not only much delighted with the meetings, but as greatly benefited and strengthened for her journey along the narrow way towards her now dearer Lord and Redeemer, than ever. She also says that undoubtedly all enjoyed like blessings with her. I deeply regret not having been able to be present and to participate in such a foretaste of the joys set before us.

I ask your continued prayers, dear Brother, that I may be supplied with an abundance of strength from the throne of the heavenly grace, to keep firmly, steadily, and courageously treading the narrow way, and finally be found worthy, in my Redeemer, of a conqueror’s crown.

I ask God’s blessing upon you in your many trials and labors in the cause of the truth, and continued striving to build up and assist the members of the body of Christ.

Yours in the love of Christ,
Ebenezer Stovel,

Dear Brother:—

Many thanks for the parcel of “meat in due season,” which I was able partly to dispense this morning. First I distributed to about 200 houses, and afterwards to about the same number of persons leaving places of worship in the town. God grant that some of his dear hungering children may be even now feasting on the health-giving, satisfying, present truth!

I am with you in the meeting now commencing, and would that I were actually present. Give my love to all the brethren. God bless you and all who love the Lord in sincerity and truth.

Yours in Him, W. S.,


You will, I am sure, pardon the liberty I take in writing to you. To-day there fell into my hands a booklet which I read with the deepest interest, and I feel sure, profit. I notice on the last page you very kindly offer free copies for friends of readers, and further reading matter. If not asking too much, I would esteem it a favor if you would send me some copies for distribution among my Christian friends. I feel that this booklet has come as a message to be honored, and I pray God to bless your labors abundantly.

Yours faithfully in Christ,
W. B.,


— November 1, 1901 —