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Dear Editor:—

For some time I have been somewhat puzzled over the present and future problem of the Children of Ham. Our progenitors paid but little or no attention to the study of the “Times of Restitution of all Things” and a “Ransom for all to be testified in due time.” And looking at the matter as I do, past, present and future, I must with sorrow confess that the problem, as it now stands, presents one of the darkest pictures known to the Children of Ham. The sons of Japheth have sent out their pilgrim sons all over the United States and in portions of Great Britain. But the poor African race of the United States takes no part in that precious work of trying to set forth or send out her colored pilgrims to work among their own race.

What would be the chance of putting a few colored pilgrims in the field to travel in Texas and other states? It is the opinion of several of my colored brethren of Texas that such a plan, if rightly carried into effect, would do much good in opening the blinded eyes of our colored brethren and friends.

Now Brother, I do not wish to be misunderstood in my request as advocating a division or color line between the white and colored brethren: we want no color division; but, what we do want is to stand together to work up some plan that they may be an aid in this good work of harvest and present truth.

My Dear Brother, I have read the five volumes of Millennial Dawn, and have been studying them for nearly three years with their charts, etc. I have been a minister many years. Pray for us all.

Yours in Christian love,
J. J. H. Dozier.—Texas.

[We are not aware that there are many groups of negro brethren, interested in present truth, altho we have had four offers like the above quite recently. If there are such, they are as welcome as the whites—proportionately to their numbers and intelligent interest—and they should send the Pilgrim-request postal cards mentioned in Jan. 15 issue, page 2, stating that they are colored. Thus we will know and be able to judge.—Ed.]


Dear Friends:—Enclosed you will find order. I wish I could do more, but the dear Lord knows all about it. The Dawns have been such a help to me that I long to have others receive the light on God’s word. It is truly a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path, and the path is shining more and more unto the perfect day. The last two years have been wonderful years to me. For years I had a great longing in my heart to have the “eyes of my understanding enlightened,” that things which were such a mystery to me might be made plain; and I praise God for answering prayer, through dear Bro. Russell. I would not trespass upon your valuable time in telling in detail how I came into present truth. Suffice it to say, it was through a minister from your own city denouncing the Watch Tower Society. Very soon after a friend asked me if I had ever read the Dawns. I said, “No.” As soon as I saw the title, I said, “I want to read them.” Oh, how I praise my God for his wonderful leadings! I am reading them over the tenth time, and every time I understand God’s words better! and if he needs me I trust by and by to give out some at least of the precious meat now due.

May you increase more and more until the door is shut, is my prayer. I long for the other volumes, but perhaps I have enough to feed upon a little while longer.

Yours for Jesus.
Mrs. J. M. Smith.—Pa.


Dear Brother Russell:—

I cannot tell how much I am indebted to you for the marvelous light I have received from reading your publications. The whole system of the Christian religion has been transformed to my view, so much so that the common manner of preaching is neither interesting nor helpful. And I feel to pity the ministers because they don’t understand and are not willing to learn the truth. I do not condemn them, for my own life is not what I would it should be, either in faith, knowledge, or works; and yet I praise God that through your instrumentality, he has helped me to see some of the riches of his grace toward fallen humanity. I pray that you and your co-workers may be supplied with every needed good, spiritual and temporal, and continue to make you a blessing to as many as may be privileged to hear or read your doctrine, restraining you from every error and unveiling to you every truth.

Yours for the truth,
H. R. Clarke.—Pa.


— March 1, 1902 —