R3124-383 Requests For Pilgrim Visits In 1903

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THE following information is very important in connection with arrangements for “Pilgrim” services. There is no charge for these services, nor for the traveling expenses; nor are collections ever to be taken up. We expect that all friends of the truth will be glad to entertain the “Pilgrims” during their brief stays, with “such things as ye have;” but where circumstances do not permit this, the “Pilgrims” are prepared to pay their way. If you desire to be remembered by us when we lay out the routes for these “Pilgrims,” please answer the following questions—on a postal card or on separate paper from your letter. You need not repeat the questions, but merely number the answers, thus: No. 1—Yes (or No). No. 2—Twice a week—Sunday and Wednesday (or whatever may be the truth). No. 3—Sunday at 3 p.m. at Bible House, 610 Arch Street; Wednesday 8 p.m., same place (or whatever may be the facts of your case). And thus with each question.

Such as neglect answering these questions, or so many of them as they can answer, must not be surprised if no meetings are arranged for them, or at most for one day. The information aids us greatly in arranging the “Pilgrim” routes.


(1) Are regular meetings now held in your vicinity? (2) How frequently? (3) Give addresses of meeting places and hours. (4) What is the present average attendance? (5) At what date are leaders or elders chosen? (6) Give full name and address of regularly elected elders,—that arrangements for Pilgrim visits may be committed to them. (7) Is request for a Pilgrim visit the publicly expressed wish of those who usually attend meetings? (8) To whom should the Pilgrim be referred for entertainment? (9) Will suitable places be secured for parlor meetings? (10) Can suitable room for a public meeting be secured? (11) If no regularly chosen elders, give at least one address in full, besides your own. (12) Give your own name and address in full (state if colored) and any other information likely to be useful. (13) If not on the railroad give name of proper station and your distance from it, and the direction. State also if a conveyance would meet the Pilgrim at station and return him to it.


— December 15, 1902 —