R3222-215 Poem: “Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do?”

::R3222 : page 215::


—ACTS 9:6.—

Anxious soul, dost thou inquire
How thou mayst thy fealty prove?
In this day of “thine espousal,”
In the dawn of thy “first love,”
While thy heart is now o’erflowing
With a new-found peace and joy;
Where wilt thou, a willing servant,
In his service find employ?

Listen! Wouldst thou tell the story
Of the Father’s wondrous plan,
And its consummation-glory
Now appearing unto man?
Wouldst thou be a faithful witness
To the truth thou hast received?
Seek “his fulness” for thy portion;
Empty souls have naught to give.

Hear the Master’s voice directing,
As to him thou drawest nigh,
“Tarry till endued with power
Of the Spirit from on high.”
Learning first, thyself, the lesson
Which thou wouldst have others know;
Eating daily at his table,
Thus in “grace and knowledge grow.”

Following close in Jesus’ footsteps,
That whate’er you say or do,
It shall be “your Father’s spirit”
That shall speak and act through you.
Seeking the divine direction,
Blessings rich thou mayst expect;
As thou dost his ways acknowledge,
He thy pathway shall direct.

Thus in trials that await thee,
In the way, so rugged, steep,
God’s own peace which passeth knowledge
Shall thy heart through Jesus keep.
Then thou mayst go forth and comfort
Those beneath affliction’s rod,
With the comfort wherewith thyself
Hast been comforted of God.
John La Dow


— July 15, 1903 —