R3645-309 Poem: “By Myself Have I Sworn”

::R3645 : page 309::


What means the oath that God hath sworn?
Have Christians from their Bible torn
The great Jehovah’s seal?
When Christ shall bring the world’s reward,
Will not each tongue confess him Lord—
Each knee in homage kneel?—Psa. 82:8.

Will every kindred, every tribe,
To Him all majesty ascribe,
And glorify his name?
Yet while the nations bow so low,
Will vengeance hurl the bombs of woe,
To blast with endless shame?—Psa. 86:9.

Will God his lowly creatures cheat—
Or call the nations to his feet,
To feel a tyrant’s rage?
Then will He scorn their prayerful breath—
Will nothing but a deathless (?) death
His stern revenge assuage?—Rev. 15:4.

What being do you worship then?
What unrelenting foe of men
Has chained you to his throne?
What form of error doth supply,
Your awful views of God Most High
To sacred truth unknown?—Mal. 1:11; Isa. 26:9.

Our God is love, of Gospel mould;
Who sent the Shepherd of the fold
To seek his sheep astray,
With yearning still His heart will burn,
Until the countless lost return,
To see the “Living Way.”—Jno. 12:32; Rom. 8:21.

The love that brought salvation nigh,
Will heed the bruised sinner’s sigh,
And soothe away his pain,
While “whosoever,” great or small,
Upon Jehovah’s name shall call,
Will never call in vain.—Acts 2:17 and 21; Rev. 22:17.


— October 15, 1905 —