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I had in mind to write many times, but put it off for one reason or another. I can assure you, however, that, although my letters are few and far between, I nevertheless think of you every day, many times a day—thinking of your many kindnesses to me, and the fact you were the means in God’s hand of leading my wife and me into the light of Present Truth, which we still love, we are glad to say, with the same fervency as the day we received it.

The field here seems white unto the harvest, and we encounter less prejudice than in the States. In the two years and six months of our stay in the colonies my wife and I have been privileged to circulate about 20,000 volumes of DAWN, and our hearts have been caused to rejoice in hearing of some fruit to our labors—some brought to the light and knowledge of the Present Truth through the books thus scattered. It has given us pleasure to see the work of Brother and Sister Henninges so abundantly blessed by the Lord in Melbourne. Some of the friends there who have become interested have developed into efficient colporteurs. Sister S__________, who has been with us since Christmas, is exceptionally so, taking orders for as high as seventy volumes in one day. I mention this, because I know it will give you pleasure to hear of the zeal and earnestness of those who in this part of the world have been brought to a knowledge of the Truth.

Yours in him, S. J. RICHARDSON,—Australia.


— February 1, 1908 —