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CONFIDENT that thousands of WATCH TOWER readers would be glad to get Brother Russell’s sermons weekly, at the very cheap clubbing rate of 60c per year above the TOWER price, we arranged accordingly. As the subscriptions did not come in as rapidly as we had expected, we advanced the subscription price for some Tract Fund contributors and some on our poor list, in order to make good our promise to the National Daily.

But the National Daily is not publishing the sermons as they proposed; hence we are holding subscriptions received for it within the last two weeks. We have requested that they stop all subscriptions sent in by us and return the pro rata amount of money as agreed. They decline to do so; but say that they will stop subscriptions and refund money on request of the subscribers. We request that all who have been receiving the National Daily send postal cards requesting that their papers be stopped and their money refunded unless Pastor Russell’s sermons appear weekly: as it was on this understanding that the subscription was given. Address cards to Woman’s National Daily, St. Louis, Mo.

Those who have sent us their subscriptions are being temporarily supplied the sermons otherwise. We suggest, however, that those who desire this cheap, clean daily, but who are not now receiving it, might also help by writing postal cards: saying, that their subscriptions and those of their friends are awaiting an assurance that Pastor Russell’s sermons will appear in their journal every week.


— February 1, 1908 —