R4137-54 Cincinnati Debates And Convention

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INTEREST grows in the Cincinnati Convention and the Debates between the Editor of ZION’S WATCH TOWER and Elder L. S. White, representing the Christian denomination (Radical branch). The prospects now are that there will be a good representation of the brethren and sisters from every direction. Pittsburgh friends will have special cars on the Pennsylvania R.R. 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. Feb. 22. The Chicago* friends have made special arrangements for a large party over the Monon Route and C.H.& D. R.R., leaving Chicago February 22, 11 p.m. Nearby friends or those en route will be welcomed with either excursion party.

*Address, Dr. L. W. Jones, 2024 Washington Blvd., Chicago.

“Music Hall,” Elm St., cor. 14th, Cincinnati, is one of the finest auditoriums in the world. It has been secured for eight days—Feb. 23 to Mar. 1, inclusive, except Friday afternoon and Saturday evening. The Debates will of course have full control of the hall for their six evenings—the Christian denomination people having equal rights with us—but during the remainder of the time our Society will have full possession for Convention purposes.

Ministers of various denominations and attorneys have consented to act as chairmen of the Debate sessions. Various speakers will address the Convention, Brother Russell being on the program for both Sundays, as well as in the Debates. Those who cannot personally be present will have the privilege of remembering us all at the throne of grace, and we feel sure will do so. Full reports of the Debates have been arranged for by one of the principal papers of the United States. Many orders are being received on terms mentioned in our last issue—$1 subscriptions, representing several complete reports of all the Debates. We will publish no reports of our own, believing that the public will be better satisfied as to the fairness and truthfulness of a newspaper’s stenographic report than with a specially edited report from interested parties.


The South-Eastern R.R. Association has granted excursion rates on Certificate plan. You pay full fare going and get a certificate, which, when properly signed at the Convention, secures you a return ticket at one-third of full fare.

Any party of ten can secure a concessional rate, except where the regular fare is already reduced to 2c per mile. The party fare from Pittsburg will be $6.25 each way.

Friends from considerable distances are reminded of the mileage books, which now are not usually restricted to the

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use of one person. On roads charging 3c per mile quite a saving can be effected by the purchase of the 1,000 mile books.


We have effected very favorable terms with two fine hotels—$1.50 and $2.00 per day (and upward, of course). And we have secured clean lodgings in private homes at 50c per night—two in a bed. Restaurants are numerous, and their terms various. However, it would be unwise to reckon expenses less than $1.60 per day. Notify us at once of your desires.


Come praying, “God speed the Truth,” and as free as possible from a sectarian spirit of envy, hatred, strife, prejudice. See that the love of God is shed abroad in your heart and shines in your face.


— February 15, 1908 —