R4142-76 Poem: “The Stone Witness”

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::R4142 : page 76::


In a dark, dreary land,
In a wilderness lone,
In a desert of sand
Stands the Witness of Stone.
So ancient, so vast,
So majestic its plan,
It speaks from the past
Of a strength not of man.

So perfect the whole,
So true the design,
It speaks to the soul
Of a Builder divine.
Behold how it towers
In its grandeur alone!
“God’s ways are not ours,”
Saith the Witness of Stone.

::R4143 : page 76::

It is awful to go
When the world is asleep,
And stand ‘neath the glow
Of the star-studded deep,
And gaze at that tower
With its secret unknown,—
For great is the power
Of the Witness of Stone!

They have scoffed at the Truth
Which is written in ink,
They have deemed it uncouth
For the brain which can think;
But they will awake
When they see it defined
In figures which make
An appeal to the mind!

The Book of the soul,
The Book of the heart—
There is naught on that scroll
For the shrewd or the smart!
And so there must be
A witness for such,
A thing they can see
And a thing they can touch.

‘Tis a book for the wise,
If the meek and the just;
‘Tis a chart for the eyes
Long blinded by dust.
‘Tis a proof for the sage
Whose god is the known—
There is truth for the age
In the Witness of Stone.

Grace P. Bronaugh.


— March 1, 1908 —