R4163-111 Berean Studies On The Atonement

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Questions on Study II—The Author of the Atonement


(1) Was the arrangement for an atonement for human sin an afterthought or an original purpose? Who was the author of the arrangement? Has he accomplished his purposes? Page 33, par. 1.

(2) Are the prevalent views on the relations between the Father and the Son correct? If not, wherein is the error? Page 33, par. 2.

(3) State the proper view of the question. What is God’s relationship to the plan of atonement? And what Christ’s? Page 34.

(4) State the error of the view that our Lord Jesus stands weeping for sinners and importuning the Father for their forgiveness and, as the hymn declares,

“Five bleeding wounds he shows,
They intercede for me.”

(5) Let us have five texts on the subject from the apostolic writings, with a brief explanation in each case showing how they apply. Page 35.

(6) Quote from our Lord Jesus’ own words on this subject eleven texts and show briefly the application of each. Page 35, last par., and 36.

MAY 10

(7) What does the “scroll” of Rev. 5 represent? Whose was it originally and in whose possession was it when Christ died? Page 36, par. last.

(8) What is signified by the giving of the “scroll” to the Lamb of God, for him to open it and fulfil its provisions? Page 37.

(9) Did that “scroll” represent the Abrahamic promise or Oath-bound Covenant or “Everlasting Covenant”?—Heb. 6:17-20.

(10) Is it because of the Father’s honoring of his Only Begotten Son that we as well as angels should honor him? Page 37.

(11) If the Scroll is the Covenant, how is our Lord Jesus the servant or “Messenger of the Covenant”? And how does he fulfil this service of the Covenant?

(12) Has Christ through his Spirit, the holy Spirit, made known to some the “hidden mystery”—”Christ in you the hope of Glory”? Has he shown us “things to come”?—Rev. 1:1; 4:1; John 16:13-15; Psa. 16:11; 25:14.

MAY 17

(13) What divine law was illustrated in the exaltation of our Lord? Page 38, par. 1.

(14) Cite some Scriptures showing that our Lord’s exaltation was dependent on his faithfulness to the Father’s will, and that his exaltation is a proof of his faithfulness even unto death. Page 38, par. 2.

(15) What was our Lord’s reward and what is the proof thereof? Page 39.

(16) Give the meaning of the name Jehovah. Page 40.

(17) Cite some Scriptures and elucidate them in proof of the heavenly Father’s excellent glory and honor and dignity and power. Pages 40 and 41.

MAY 24

(18) To whom is the great name Jehovah applied in the Bible? Page 41, par. 2.

(19) By many it is supposed that the name Jehovah belongs also to our Lord Jesus. Is this correct or not? Page 42, par. 1.

(20) How about the term Jehovah-Tsidkenu found in Jeremiah 23:5,6, apparently applicable to our Lord Jesus? Explain its significance and application. Page 42, par. 2.

(21) Are other Hebrew words used in the Bible showing compounds with the word Jehovah? Page 43, par. 1.

(22) Is the fact that our Lord appeared amongst men before he was “made flesh” (before he assumed the human nature) a justification for the application of the Father’s exclusive name, Jehovah, to him? Page 43, par. 2,3.

MAY 31

(23) The Apostle styles our Lord Jesus “The Lord of Glory” (I Cor. 2:8); and in Psa. 24:7-10 Jehovah is mentioned as “King of Glory.” Does this justify the thought that Jesus is Jehovah? Page 44, par. 1.

(24) A fifth proof that our Lord Jesus is Jehovah is educed from the comparison of Isa. 2:2-4 with Micah 4:1-3. What is the proper answer? Page 44, par. 2,3.

(25) What is the proper thought respecting the sixth objection based on a comparison of Psa. 90:1,2 and Micah 5:2? Page 45, par. 1,2,3.

(26) What is the seventh claim on this subject and how should we understand Isaiah 25:6-9? Page 45, last par., and 46, par. 1.

(27) Consider the eighth text offered in proof—Isa. 9:6. Do the titles, Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace prove that Jehovah is another proper name or title for our Lord Jesus? Page 46, par. 2,3.

(28) Do the Scriptures which refer to Jesus as the Arm of Jehovah prove that Jehovah is the proper title for our Lord Jesus? If not why not? Page 46, par. 4, to 47, par. 5.


— April 1, 1908 —