R4164-135 Yearly Requests For Pilgrim Visits

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WE request a careful consideration of the following suggestions by all who are desirous of securing the services of our “Pilgrim” brethren during the ensuing year. The “Pilgrim” branch of the work is increasing in importance each year, and we find it necessary to husband carefully our resources and use the best information obtainable in order that we may secure the best results.

The brethren chosen for this service are not sent forth as perfect, though the Society considers them worthy brethren in every way—ensamples to the flock in doctrine and practice. They travel continuously, as per announcement on last page of TOWER, all their expenses being met by the Society. They do not solicit money or anything else, either for themselves or for the Society. The service is free, the expenses being borne by the contributors to the Tract Fund. We seek divine guidance as to who shall be engaged in this service and where it shall be rendered.

The routine of the “Pilgrims” is in circuits arranged in harmony with the interest shown and requests received, and, since many changes occur during a year, we desire that requests for “Pilgrim” visits be made yearly in May. Please answer the following questions, or as many of them as apply in your case. These responses are filed for our information for twelve months. If you have already written us this year requesting “Pilgrim” visits, we should be pleased to have you repeat your request in harmony with the following questions. As new conditions arise we find it advisable to alter slightly the questions in order that we may be properly advised as to the condition of each locality as far as possible. You need not repeat the questions, but merely indicate them thus, (a), (b), etc. A postal-card will serve our every purpose and can be readily filed for reference. Please attend to this matter at once, in order that there may be no disappointment should a “Pilgrim” be coming your way. All letters referring to “Pilgrim” work should be noted on envelope, thus, “Pilgrim Department.” (a) How many Bible students reside in your vicinity? (b) Are weekly meetings held? (c) How many are usually in attendance? (d) Where do you now meet? (Give full street address.) (e) At what hours are the Sunday meetings held? (f) Was a vote taken on the “Pilgrim” invitation? (g) How many voted for the invitation to be sent? (h) How many, if any, voted against the invitation? (i) Would a suitable place be found for a public meeting? (j) What attendance do you think could be secured for the public session by such notification and advertising as your class would give? (k) Would a suitable place be found for semi-private meetings for the interested? (l) Have the members of your class chosen leaders in accordance with DAWN, VOL. VI., chaps. 5 and 6? If so, give names and full addresses of each. (m) Give full names and full addresses of the two (2) to whom notices of a coming “Pilgrim” should be sent, and notify us as to any change or removal. (n) If your town is not on a railroad give the name of proper railroad station at which to stop. (o) How many miles from station is meeting place, and which direction from station? (p) Would “Pilgrim” be met at station? (q) If not, how could “Pilgrim” get from said station? (r) Give writer’s full name and address. (s) Any additional remarks.


— May 1, 1908 —